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5 Reasons Why Having Selective Memory Can Be a Very Good Thing

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5 Reasons Why Having Selective Memory Can Be a Very Good Thing

5 Reasons Why Having Selective Memory Can Be a Very Good Thing

In past decades, selective memory has often been cast in a negative light due to the short-term and long-term effects that it has on individuals. Although it can cause many people to become emotionally distant or out of touch with the world around them, there may be some benefits to selective memory that can improve the individual’s overall well-being. For those who have experienced the mental state, there are a few perks that come with only remembering specific memories in your life.

Having Selective Memory Can Be a Very Good Thing

1. Overcome Phobias

According to a study in an issue of the journal Neuron, specific long-term memories may be eliminated with certain drugs to ensure that painful memories are forgotten for an efficient way of overcoming long-term phobias or fears. This can make it easier to be comfortable around certain animals or forget an old fear of heights.

2. Forgive Easier

Broken or strained relationships can be restored when specific memories are forgotten, making it easier to create stronger family units and friendships that last long-term with forgiveness that is normally difficult to put into practice.

3. Become More Proactive

It can be easy to get hung up on someone who was rude to you earlier in the day or even dwell on a painful event for several weeks, making it difficult to remain proactive with your work or responsibilities. With a selective memory, it’s easier to let go of issues or events and continue accomplishing certain goals or tasks that need to be completed in your schedule.

4. Maintain a Healthy Perspective

Painful or traumatic memories can often cloud the mind and make it difficult to maintain an accurate perspective of the world around you due to emotions that are involved. With selective memory, it’s easier to have an accurate picture of certain ideas, places, or people that do not affect you emotionally.

5. A Clearer Mental State

Without unnecessary information or memories stored in the brain, it can be easier to have a clearer mental state that is more composed and at peace throughout the day.

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