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6 Pieces Of Advice You Wish You Could Give Your Younger Self

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6 Pieces Of Advice You Wish You Could Give Your Younger Self

6 Pieces Of Advice You Wish You Could Give Your Younger Self

We may often wish we had known more about certain things in our younger days. As we age we gain experience but often wish we could tell our younger self a few things about life and how the world is, the difference between right and wrong so that we can make better life decisions.

Here is some advice we could give to our younger selves:

• Socialize

When you’re in your twenties you may be anxious and preoccupied so that you don’t care about socializing and your ego stops you from approaching people, but later realize there is hardly anyone with whom you can connect. Get out and make friends!

• Spend time alone

Spend it the way you want, doing things you enjoy. Spend more time eating healthy and exercising. Drink alcohol less often. You are not required to put all your time into your relationship and your partner. Take some time for yourself. Don’t waste your time planning a future with someone who is not planning the same things.

• Closeness isn’t love

If love-making is your only activity with someone you are probably never going to be in a serious relationship. The ones who are genuinely interested in you will care about your interests, introduce you to friends and family, and spend time with you out of the bedroom. Don’t trade closeness for love.

• Accept yourself and the people around you

This is the most important thing to give your younger self, learn to accept yourself as you are the way God made you. Learn to accept people around you as they are, no one is perfect and we each have our own strengths and gifts.

• Pursue a hobby

A hobby is something you can enjoy all your life, and maybe even make into a career. Hobbies give you outside interests, opportunities to learn an make friends, and occupy your free time.

• Accept advice from older people

We often ignore advice from older people thinking they don’t get our problem and are too old or conservative, but often their suggestions really do work. Most of them have seen quite a bit of life and can save you some heartache later on.

• Good people stay forever

Don’t chase people or run after them. If they care they will stick around, if they don’t no words can stop them from going. Genuine people are always going to stay with you. They will love you for what you are and will not try to change you. Stay calm and BE PATIENT. Eventually things fall into place.

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