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What You Can Do For Shin Splints

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What You Can Do For Shin Splints

What You Can Do For Shin Splints

Are you feeling pain in the lower front of your legs while walking? This is rather common and is called shin splints. It includes swelling of the muscles, bone tissues, and tendons of your legs and usually affects people that perform heavy physical activity, the repetitive stress on your legs can cause pain to your lower front legs.

What You Can Do For Shin Splints

The pain can be very annoying when you walk. Shin splints usually heal on their own but here are some tips you can follow to heal faster:

• Rest
You should rest at least 2-4 weeks from sports and exercise so you can heal. Avoid too much exercise of your lower legs for 1-2 weeks and restrict walking that you normally do during an ordinary day. You can try low-impact activities like swimming or biking as long as you don’t have pain. It’s important to not stop activity entirely.

• Ice pack
You can ice your shins to relieve pain and reduce swelling. Massage your shins and calf muscles with an ice pack for 25-30 minutes daily for 3 days or until the pain is gone. It will help you relax and ease your pain.

• Change your footwear
If your daily activity includes running or walking try purchasing specialized running or walking shoes and have them observe you walk and run. Ask for their recommendations based on your structure and size, avoid purchasing online or discount stores.

• Stretch your calves
Perform stretches before you run. Do a wall calf stretch by keeping both hands on a wall and lean into it with one leg outstretched behind you, get into a push-up position and lift your butt upward until you feel the stretch in the back of your legs. Calf exercises and stretching helps prevent and reduce shin pain.

What You Can Do For Shin Splints 1

• Stretch the front of your legs
The best way to strengthen the front of your legs is stretching or lifting your toes. Stand in place and lift your toes upward keeping your heels on the floor. Hold this position for 10 seconds then slowly release and come back to the initial position. Repeat 30 times 3 times a day. When you are comfortable with this position you can start walking with your toes lifted upward and heels on the floor for about 5 minutes daily.

• Plan your activity
Shin splints usually occur when we suddenly increase the stress on our legs by increasing distance or speed, increase gradually. Walk slowly to warm then increase your speed.

Consult your Doctor

Usually shin splints are not serious, however if your pain doesn’t go away after icing and rest then discuss it with your doctor. If the swelling gets worse and/or your shins become red and warm to the touch please see your healthcare professional right away.

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