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6 Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger

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6 Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger

6 Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger

Whether you suffer from a flat derriere or simply want to fill out your jeans a little more, there is hope for people who want a fuller backside. Certain foods, especially those rich in healthy fats and proteins, have been found to help build a round backside.

Foods That Make Your Butt Bigger

Here are a few foods that will make your butt bigger:

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Avocado and other healthy plant-based fats. Monounsaturated fats, which are found in plant foods such as avocados, are healthy sources of fat that lead to a rounder butt. In addition, these types of fats may prevent putting on weight in the midsection, making that butt even more noticeable.


• Nuts

. With plenty of healthy fats, protein, and vitamins, nuts are a super food for anyone looking to build muscle. Choose lower sodium varieties to avoid uncomfortable bloating and water retention.

whole grain

• Whole grains

. Whole grains may be higher calorie, but they are higher in nutrients as well. Whole grains have healthy fats, lots of vitamins, and are a great source of fiber.


• Greek yogurt

. This dairy treat is not only delicious, but a great source of protein. Choose low-fat or nonfat yogurt to avoid gaining weight all over your body rather than just the backside.

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• Seafood

. Fish such as tuna and salmon are low calorie but full of healthy fats, proteins, and vitamins. These dietary components all support a healthy muscle structure and a feminine hourglass shape.

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• Protein drinks and bars

. For many women, the real hindrance to building gluteal muscle is protein. Protein is a necessary building block for muscle; your squats and leg work will not lead to a larger butt without this essential nutrient. If you suspect you are not getting enough protein, it may be time to add a protein bar, drink, or other supplement.

While these foods will help to make your butt bigger, they will have the best effects if used in conjunction with an exercise routine. Combining a diet rich in these foods with squats, lunges, and other gluteal exercises will ensure a rounder, firmer, and hotter backside.

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