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Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person And 3 Ways To Fix It

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Signs You're A Highly Sensitive Person And 3 Ways To Fix It

Signs You’re A Highly Sensitive Person And 3 Ways To Fix It

Highly sensitive individuals often wear their emotions on their sleeves. They think with their feelings, often times sacrificing their own wants to please others if nothing more than to avoid criticism of any kind. Even though they tend to be emotional, they also possess highly analytical minds.

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A recent study by researchers in Stony Brook New York found that the brain activity in highly sensitive people places extraordinary focus on high-order visual processing.
Because of this trait, highly sensitive people can be more indecisive. When visually stimulated they tend to spend longer examining photographs or pay closer attention to details than non-highly sensitive individuals.

3 Indicators of a Highly Sensitive Person:

• Feeding Off Energy – While its true everyone can feed off the mood of others, highly sensitive people are almost like energy vampires. They soak up negative and positive vibes like a sponge.

• Getting Completely Overwhelmed – Excessive multi-tasking or chaotic environments can send a highly sensitive person over the edge. It can be easy to just shut down unlease a dark, calm environment is obtained.

• Overly Conscientious – Because empathy is such a large part of a highly sensitive person’s life, they are usually very considerate individuals. Whether the first to open a door for another or give up a seat, they are people-pleasers at heart.

3 ways to help a highly sensitive individual:

• Flee From Chaos – Returning to nature is the best method, where highly sensitive people can recharge and center themselves. The outdoors is a mentally soothing and psychologically healing environment for them.

• Turn Down The Lights – Highly sensitive people are often overstimulated by bright lights. Simply dimming the lights in your house can have a tremendous impact.

• Seek Compliments – Highly sensitive people take criticism to heart and hold onto it. They take compliments equally to heart.

Recognizing the signs of highly sensitive people is a great first step in learning how to deal with the condition. It is also important to realize things that can help. Hopefully the information provided above will be a great resource to helping to learn to cope with elevated sensitivity.

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