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The Age You’re Most Likely To Have A Midlife Crisis

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The Age You're Most Likely To Have A Midlife Crisis

The Age You’re Most Likely To Have A Midlife Crisis

The midlife crisis is something that both men and women dread experiencing. This period of time is typically when an individual reaches his or her “middle” point in age. In most cases, men experience their midlife crises during their 50’s, while women are likely to go through their midlife crisis at an earlier age, typically between their mid-30’s and mid-40’s. However, there is no set age for when you’re most likely to have a midlife crisis. This entirely depends on the individual and the current signs and struggles that they are noticing. Some signs that may clue you in on the fact that you may soon be experiencing a midlife crisis include the following.

Age You're Most Likely To Have A Midlife Crisis

Concern for Health

While it is important to always care about your health and your overall well-being, as men and women start to age they may notice that they begin to panic about their health and every little thing that seems to be “off”. Health deterioration can be frightening and a sign that you’re getting older, which may leave you feeling as though you’re running out of time.

Questioning Life and Your Decisions

Another sign that you may be going through a midlife crisis is when you start questioning your decisions and things that life throws at you. You may be questioning things that you simply do not have an answer to. For example, common questions that are thought about when you reach that middle age point include, “What is the point of life?”, “Is there more to life than this?”, and “Why should I put off the things that I really want to do any longer?”

The Sudden Urge to Experience More

You may feel like you have missed out on a lot of different experiences within your lifetime thus far. The urge to experience more can be anything from simply reconnecting with high school friends to wanting to fly around the world, taking in all of the sights around you. Some of those experiencing a midlife crisis may also find themselves regretting decisions that they have made in the past such as choosing not to have children or not traveling as much as they would have liked to.

A midlife crisis does not always have to be miserable. It can be a way for men and women to learn new things about themselves and the things around them.

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