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7 Amazing Hacks To Make The Best Bird Ever

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7 Amazing Hacks To Make The Best Bird Ever

7 Amazing Hacks To Make The Best Bird Ever

Turkey Day, Harvest Festival and the Gobble Gobble Marathon are just some of the alternate names given to one of the world’s greatest holiday’s, Thanksgiving. It’s one of those favorite American past times where families get together to stuff their bellies and share their laughs, loves, and likes over the past season.

Great pride and care is always taken with the meticulous preparation of the Thanksgiving turkey. In fact, studies suggest that turkey meat is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Recipes for success range far and wide and with these simple tricks maybe your Thanksgiving bird will be tastier than ever this year.

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Please allow us to present the seven amazing hacks to the best bird ever:

• Go Fresh – If given the choice, always choose a fresh turkey over a frozen one. Freezing damages muscle tissue which release fluid more readily and can cause a drier meat.

• Brining – This process involves soaking the bird in a salt-water solution that can also be mixed with your choice of herbs and spices. This essentially eliminates the need for basting later in the process while adding in extra moisture on the forefront.

• Go Multiple – If you find yourself cooking for a large crowd, consider two turkeys instead of one. Smaller turkeys roast more evenly and cook faster than their larger counterparts.

• Stuff With Vegetables – For added flavor use vegetables for your stuffing and cook the stuffing separately. This will add flavor while reducing cook times.

• Avoid Basting – If you used a brining solution, basting will just cause the bird to be less crispy upon coming out of the oven.

• Down Then Up – Cook the bird breast down for a natural basting, then flip breast up in the last hour for a crisp outer skin.

• Take A Break – Let your turkey sit for at least 20 minutes before carving to allow times for the juices to redistribute.

turkey hacks

Just because Thanksgiving is a big deal doesn’t mean it has to be hard. Hopefully with these seven amazing hacks we’ve outlined, you will be well on your way to a tastier feast. Impressing your family and friends has never been easier with these simple tips and tricks.

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