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Here Is How This Woman Cured Her Breast Cancer

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Here Is How This Woman Cured Her Breast Cancer

This woman describes curing her cancer was “like the fog was being lifted”. With no money in the bank, no job, and not enough time to go through treatments, she decided to cure her cancer all by herself. Many people opt for all-natural cancer treatments as opposed to surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy because of less damage done to the body, as well as money needed to pay for these treatments.

How This Woman Cured Her Breast Cancer

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Tamara St. John first found a lump in her breast during a very stressful time in her life. She was finishing her Masters Degree and had just lost her job months later. Too busy for treatment and without any money or medical insurance, she got online and decided to find a natural / alternative cancer treatment and potential cure.

While apricot kernels, juicing, detoxing, cleansing, laughter, and exercise are well-known cancer treatment alternatives, St. John talks about her struggles and length of time it took to cure her cancer with these methods. For me, I would definitely prefer to use alternative treatments, however if you are looking for a fast cure, you might need to consider using traditional hospital treatments on top of alternative treatments.

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