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Why Rebound Relationships Can Be Really Bad For You?

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Why Rebound Relationships Can Be Really Bad For You?

Why Rebound Relationships Can Be Really Bad For You?

Rebound relationships are a delicate topic to many people. Some recent studies show that they can actually be beneficial, helping to improve confidence and ward off loneliness. However, it doesn’t necessarily work out this way for everyone.

In many cases, when coming out of a relationship, people need time to get over emotional wounds, rediscover themselves and put things in perspective. Jumping straight into a new relationship stifles this important process, which can lead to feelings of confusion. Instead, rebound relationships are often used to fill an emotional void. After all, few people like being alone. Sometimes, rebound relationships are even simply an attempt to make the ex jealous. If you’re in a rebound relationship for all the wrong reasons, there’s also the possibility of hurting the person you’re with, who may genuinely care for you.

Rebound Relationships

That’s not to say that this is true of everyone. People are different, and some are perfectly capable of progressing from one relationship to another very quickly in a non-destructive manner. That said, it’s too easy to begin a new relationship based on the same harmful behavior patterns. These issues can occur beyond our awareness, particularly when our emotions start getting in the way. Although this doesn’t mean that your new relationship is doomed to fail, it can cause issues that make it a difficult experience.

No matter how much time you’ve had to get over your previous relationship, it’s till possible for old habits and emotions to rear their ugly heads. It’s important to prepare yourself for this, and you should consider talking about it with the new person in your life. Asking for their understanding and support can go a long way toward preventing problems.

For instance, if you have negative feelings toward riding motorcycles, it’s advisable to tell your new partner why you feel that way. Perhaps someone close to you died in an accident while riding. Instead of burying the feelings until they explode, it’s more productive to talk about your reasonable concern so you can deal with it together. If you find that past emotions are disrupting your ability to have a healthy new relationship, counseling can be a helpful tool. Otherwise, you may just keep being dragged down by that baggage.


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