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Feeling Creative? Here’s 4 Easy, Fun, DIY Balloon Crafts

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Feeling Creative? Here's 4 Easy, Fun, DIY Balloon Crafts

Feeling Creative? Here’s 4 Easy, Fun, DIY Balloon Crafts

Looking to get rid of those leftover balloons from that birthday party five weeks ago? Or just have the urge to be creative? Possibly for no reason whatsoever? Well when you have that urge, be sure to check out these four super simple, yet super fun crafts involving balloons (and an inflatable bouncy ball). These crafts can be done with only a minimal amount of items, leaving your creativity to do most of the work. You’ll be sure to wow your friends with these elegant and amazing crafts.

Fun DIY Ballon Crafts

Craft 1: All you need for this DIY project is an inflatable ball, easily found at any store, some tacky glue, and a roll of hemp string. To create your own, incredibly decorative lamp, all you need to do is take the hemp string and start wrapping it around the inflatable ball, using the tacky glue to keep it in place. Continue to wrap the ball until you feel it is wrapped enough, then cut the string and allow the glue to dry. Once fully dried, deflate the ball using some small object, such as a bobby pin, and voila. Now you have a designer lamp for less than half the price.

balloon 1

Craft 2: This DIY vase is sure to be the highlight of the room. For this project, you’ll need some confetti (any color you please), mod podge, a sponge or means of spreading the mod podge, and a balloon. As the pictures show, simply brush down with mod podge the area you want to be covered in confetti. (This will be your vase area.) After applying the mod podge, quickly sprinkle on confetti until it is covered. You may have to do multiple layers of this. But once it is covered enough, let it dry, then pop the balloon. Boom. You’re done.

balloon 2

Craft 3: For this project, a balloon, water, wax, and a candle warmer of some sort. You will simply fill the balloon with water (this will be the size of your candle, so make it the size you want). Dip the balloon in the melted wax, let it dry, and continue dipping until you have a semi-thick layer of wax (about a half inch or so). Once the wax has completely dried, pop the balloon, and now you have a beautiful candle holder.

balloon 3

Craft 4: The pictures for this delicious craft are pretty self-explanatory. You blow up a balloon, whatever size you like, pour melted chocolate (after it has begun to cool, but it isn’t starting to harden yet) on the balloon. Make a design if you’d like. Use multiple kinds of chocolates. Be creative. Once the chocolate has hardened, pop the balloon. You are now the creator of a decadent dessert.

balloon 4

balloon 4-2

Feel free to brag to your friends about any (or all) of your beautiful creations that were almost as easy as pie.

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