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What Your Date Of Birth Says About Your Personality

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What Your Date Of Birth Says About Your Personality

What Your Date Of Birth Says About Your Personality

The day that you were born can say a lot about your personality and who you are as a person. According to astrology, the position that the moon, sun, Earth, and stars are in when you are born can influence the type of personality that you will have. While the exact date of your birth may not play a huge role in your temperament, a recent study conducted by Xenia Gonda does show that there may be a link between the season that you’re born in and your mood. However, while you may think that those born during the summer months would be bubbly and full of personality, the moods in which each season indicates may actually surprise you.

What Your Date Of Birth Says About Your Personality

Birth Seasons and Personalities

This study that was first presented in Berlin suggests that those who are born during the spring and summer months tend to be more positive than those born during the fall and winter. Although they typically have a positive outlook, individuals born during the summer seem to have more mood swings than others, swinging between a happy mood and a sad mood regularly. Those with birthdays during autumn were found to have a significantly reduced tendency towards becoming depressed when compared to those born during the cold of winter. Study participants with winter birthdays were determined to be much less irritable than those born during all of the other seasons.

How Does My Date of Birth Affect My Personality?

The season that you’re born in can have an influence on different monoamine neurotransmitters including serotonin and dopamine.

These monoamine neurotransmitters are detectable into adult life and have lead researchers to believe that birth seasons may have a long-lasting effect on our overall personality traits and moods. When your birth season is matched to your personality later in life, you may notice some similarities. Overall, when you are born can play a huge part in either increasing or decreasing your chance of experiencing and developing various mood disorders.

Environmental conditions in your place of birth may also cause different results that were found in this study. For example, different seasonal weather patterns or proximity to the equator could affect monoamine neurotransmitters differently.


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