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10 Marriage Tips From A Man’s Perspective

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10 Marriage Tips From A Man's Perspective

10 Marriage Tips From A Man’s Perspective

Getting married is a big leap for both you and your partner. It entails challenges unique to your newfound relationship. Here are 10 marriage tips from the husband’s perspective.

Marriage Tips From A Man's Perspective

#1 Never stop courting your wife. Majority of men only make the effort when they are courting women. Once they get the girl, they become passive in terms of making any effort. They take the relationship for granted until the fire eventually burns out.

#2 Be on your guard. Don’t just vow to protect your wife. You should also protect your own emotions with equal vigilance. Never forget to love yourself. Failure to do so will lead to missing opportunities and inability to grow as a person.

#3 Remember why you fell in love with her. Always remember the moments that led to your marriage. Change is constant. Together, you will face these changes and in a few years time, nothing will remain the same. If you deliberately practice falling in love with her, these changes will not affect your marriage.

#4 You are not responsible for fixing or changing your wife. If she has flaws, let her work on it. If she changes, adapt to the change and love her for it. Remember that you fell in love with her not because she’s perfect, but because you are able to love her despite the imperfections.

#5 Blame no one for your own emotions. It is not anyone’s job to make you happy. At the same time, it isn’t anyone’s fault if you’re sad. Deal with your emotions and avoid punishing your marriage because of it.

#6 Give her space. Even if you vow to share things with each other, you both need time and space alone. Let each other enjoy the pleasures of solitude however they want to enjoy it, be it a warm, relaxing bath or a trip to the bookstore.

#7 Give her time. Avoid smothering yourself with work and give your wife not only time but also your undivided attention.

#8 Give and take. This is really the foundation of any relationship. Don’t be afraid to give 100 percent to your wife. But don’t expect 100 percent back.

#9 Go with the flow. Don’t base your marriage from your friend’s marriage or movie plots. Don’t pressure yourself in buying the dream house right away. Take it slow and just go where opportunities take you.

#10 Be truthful. Honesty is hard to earn but easy to lose. Always be truthful to your wife. No matter how difficult it is to say something, just spit it out and work on it as a team.

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