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10 Signs She Isn’t Marriage Material

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10 Signs She Isn't Marriage Material

10 Signs She Isn’t Marriage Material

Not sure if the lady you’re dating could one day be your bride? While what constitutes the perfect partner is obviously an individual’s decision, here are ten signs that she is likely not The One.

10. She finds fault with everything. Whether it’s the fact that there are water spots on her fork in a restaurant or that her manicurist didn’t match the glitter patterns on her toes perfectly, a woman who notices and comments on every little fault is a total drag.

9. Her love- desires and drive don’t match with yours. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having kinky fetishes or having a love- drive. It’s a problem when you are not compatible. If you’re a twice-a-week kind of guy who isn’t into pain and she wants nightly performances with whips and nipple clamps, it’s not a good match. The same can be said if she’d rather sleep and you’re the one wanting more love-making.

8. She’s more interested in marriage and kids than she is in you personally. If you want kids and marriage, it may seem awesome that she has the same goals. However, be wary if her desires for home and hearth don’t seem connected to you.

7. She won’t lean on you. While of course you want a strong and independent woman, a lady who won’t let you be her rock may have some deep emotional issues.

6. You’ve noticed that she’s mean-spirited. Whether it’s laughing at the handicapped or pointing out your weaknesses, it’s likely she has a cruel streak to her that you don’t want to marry.

5. She’d make a bad mother. Whether or not you want children is another issue all together, but a lack of any sort of nurturing instinct in a woman is usually a terrible sign.

4. She is demanding of your time or other resources. Be wary of a woman who takes up all of your resources for herself. A marriage is a partnership, not a monarchy.

3. She has a drug or alcohol problem. While it’s not a problem if she’s been in recovery for awhile and you’re sure she’s put her past behind her, someone who is actively using is not ready for marriage.

2. She’s secretive. Your marriage partner should be able to share everything with you, so why is she locking her phone and her computer against you?

1. She’s not your best friend. Sure, she’s not going to be your bro, but she does need to be one of your absolute best friends.

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