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Dos And Don’ts Of Meeting His Parents For The First Time

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Dos And Don'ts Of Meeting His Parents For The First Time

Dos And Don’ts Of Meeting His Parents For The First Time

Meeting his parents for the first time is a nerve-wracking moment for many of us, it’s stressful meeting your future in-laws for the first time. We want everything to be perfect, there are Do’s and Don’ts you can follow to make it a success.

Meeting His Parents For The First Time

Do- Dress properly

You can never change the first impression. The way you dress can have a great impact, especially when you are meeting someone for the first time. Don’t wear anything that promotes violence, is too revealing, or has vulgar sayings on it. Try to be on the conservative side until you get to know them better.

Don’t- Arrive late

Punctuality is a good habit for everything you do. Take some time for yourself to prepare so that you aren’t rushing in at the last minute. If something unavoidable happens take a deep breath, explain what happened with poise and dignity, and move on.

Do- Smile

Various studies show that smiling releases stress and improves your mood. When you meet his parents greet them with a smile and maintain it, but don’t overdo it and make it look fake.

Don’t- Be on your cellphone

Being on the phone when you are with someone is rude. Put it away, turn the ringer off, if you are expecting an important call tell them so, let them know they are important to you, but you may have to take one important call.

Do- Bring a gift

Bringing a gift is not mandatory, but if you do it will help make a nice first impression. When selecting a gift make it a nice one that’s easy to carry. Flowers or a fine bottle of wine are perfect gifts, as long as they are not allergic or have a drinking problem, ask your boyfriend for suggestions.

Don’t- Talk about politics or religion

If your views clash it can make for an unpleasant conversation. Unless you know someone very well, or have worked on their campaign or something, it is a topic best left alone for first meetings.

Do- Talk to them

Most people are flattered when you show an interest in them and their life and experience. If you’re shy ask a leading question that requires an answer, and show interest in what they have to say by paying attention and responding appropriately. You can always talk about your boyfriend as a youngster and his parent’s school days.

Don’t- Get drunk

Avoid liquor while you are with them. While under the influence of alcohol you might say or do things you later regret. A glass of wine or one cocktail with dinner if they are drinking is appropriate, calling for shots is not.

Do- Research

He has probably mentioned things to you about his parents before the meeting. Recall that and do a bit of homework regarding their likes and dislikes. A small amount of interest and caring can go a long way towards them having positive feelings about you.

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