10 Things Men and Women Think After Making Love

10 Things Men and Women Think After Making Love

Have you ever thought about what your partner thinks after making love? I know I have. Most of the time, the things that run through my head have nothing to do with lovemaking and more with what to eat next or what show to watch on television that night. Many people have weird thoughts, funny thoughts, or just want to lay back down and fall asleep.

What most men don’t know is that women aren’t always satisfied after lovemaking, and right after their partner blows their load, they are still left waiting for more action most of the time. Since men’s brains obviously work in a totally different way than that of a woman’s, here are the top ten things that most women think after having lovemaking with their partner:

1.) That’s it? I was just getting started.
2.) I love my partner so much. He’s the best!
3.) Great, now I have to clean this mess.
4.) What’s on TV? I’m hungry.
5.) Finally I can rest without a his private part poking my leg.
6.) Any new e-mails or Facebook notifications on my phone?
7.) Did anyone hear us? Oh gosh, we left the window open.
8.) Finally I can put my clothes back on and finish the dishes!
9.) That was pretty good. I think I’ll wait for round two.
10.) Did he really just fall asleep right after ….?!

Now we all know that men love when women sometimes make the first move. Let’s check out what top Nine things men think after having “it” with their partner:

1.) Why is she already putting her clothes on? I’m not even done yet.
2.) Who is going to clean up this wet spot?
3.) Best night ever. Grand Theft Auto and making love right after the other.
4.) Don’t cum, don’t cum! Oops…
5.) Can you just blow me?
6.) Is it considered un-manly if I ask to cuddle?
7.) How did she not have an satisfastion from that? I was awesome.
8.) Should I tell her not to forget about the balls?
9.) I really need to shave..