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5 Benefits Of Honey Water You Never Knew

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5 Benefits Of Honey Water You Never Knew

5 Benefits Of Honey Water You Never Knew

Most of us know that honey provides multiple beauty benefits. But there is more to it that we never knew. Research shows that combining water and honey creates wonders in our overall health. Read on and find out the five benefits of honey water you never knew.

5 Benefits Of Honey Water You Never Knew

1. Aids Weight Loss

The nutritionist Mike Mc Innes believes that honey is a natural cure for food craving or hunger, which helps aid weight loss. His study showed that the brain’s mechanism that causes sugar craving can be shut down by drinking honey water before bed. It also helps in body repair and burning fats.

2. Helps Relieve or Treat Arthritis

A recent study done at Copenhagen University, doctors found that patients drinking the honey water mixture show noticeable pain relief within one to two minutes. And they claim that drinking it regularly may even help treat chronic arthritis.

3. Helps Beat Fatigue

Regularly taking half tablespoon of honey added to a glass of water, helps increase the body’s vitality within a week. Dr. Milton’s recent research shows that senior citizens taking the honey water are more flexible and alert. He believes that the sugar content in honey helps in improving the body’s strength.

4. Makes a Great Energy Booster

Most athletes depend heavily on sports drinks, which are sugar loaded, and carb gels to fuel their bodies during sports events and for muscle recovery. A tablespoon of honey contains 17 grams of carbs, making it an excellent source of natural energy with added nutrients. Hence, the National Honey Board highly recommends adding honey to a bottle of water as an energy booster during workouts or sports events.

5. Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Studies also show that high cholesterol patients who took two tablespoons of honey combined with 16 ounces of tea water have 10 percent reduction on their cholesterol levels within 2 hours.

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