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10 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Newspaper

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10 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Newspaper

10 Creative Ways to Reuse Old Newspaper

Since newspapers come out everyday, they tend to clutter up desks and garbage cans. What does one do to get rid of all of them? Contrary to popular opinion, newspapers have many uses that range far beyond starting fires.

1. Ripen Tomatoes

Wrap green tomatoes in newspaper and then put them in a closed box. Check the box every few days to make sure none of the tomatoes are spoiling. The tomatoes should be ripe within a few weeks.

Ripen Tomatoes

2. Deodorize Small Places

Use crumpled up newspaper to deodorize most small, enclosed spaces. It will help freshen up anything from shoes to the drawers of a refrigerator.

3. Clean Glass

Newspaper is similar to paper towels and can be used in a pinch to clean glass. Some actually prefer using newspaper instead of paper towels. Just be careful not to hit any trim or molding since the wet ink may leave streaks.

Clean Glass

4. Protect Flooring

Save time and protect the floor by putting newspaper down when painting a room or when kids are working on an art project.

Protect Flooring

5. Kill Weeds

Cover the offending weeds with newspaper and then a layer of mulch to effectively smoother the weeds.

Kill Weeds

6. Emergency Insulation

Wrap a few pieces of newspaper around a container of ice cream to help keep it from melting on a warm summer day.

7. Paper Airplanes

Use pieces of newspaper to make larger and lighter paper airplanes.

Paper Airplanes

8 – Protect Fragile Items

Wrap glassware and Christmas ornaments in newspaper when packing items or moving.

Protect Fragile Items

9. Wrap Presents

Use the comics or pages with interesting headlines to make original and creative wrapping paper.

Wrap Presents

10. Make a Pinata

Dip strips of newspaper in a paper mache mixture and then layer them on a blown up balloon. When the layers are reasonably thick, stop applying newspaper and allow to dry. Once dry, decorate, fill with candy, and enjoy.

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