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10 Ways To Get Your Partner To Do More For You

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10 Ways To Get Your Partner To Do More For You

10 Ways To Get Your Partner To Do More For You

Perhaps your relationship hasn’t gone exactly cold, but there is always room for improvement, right? Sometimes we just get too comfortable in the way we treat our significant others and vice versa. It does not waver your love for your partner, but sometimes feelings can go on unknowingly hurt for long stretches of time. It is pretty hard to love honestly, healthfully and unconditionally when your love tank is empty. Although to a woman, some of these may be against your mental grain, but here are a few unconventional tips and tricks to try to get your partner to do more for you (and you more for them), ultimately getting the most out of your relationship.

10 Ways To Get Your Partner To Do More For You

1. Stop Complaining:

Sure, you’ve had an awful day, the dishes are still dirty, and the package you’ve been waiting for wasn’t signed for on time. But when the entire work week is eventually filled with negative mishaps, incessant ranting and nightly pity parties, your partner will probably stop RSVP-ing. Try picking one high point and one low point of your day, and leave it at that. Watch the admiration overflow as you both start engaging in enlightening and fruitful conversations.

2. Believe In Your Relationship:

Instead of making a mountain out of a mole hill because they forgot to compliment you on your 387th batch of perfect cookies, be more confident and secure. Chances are, if you were praised for your first 386 batches, you make a pretty dang good cookie, and one missing compliment doesn’t change that.

3. Learn To Compromise:

If you’re upset about his fantasy football league taking over your alone time, genuinely offer to give up one of your own annoying vices in exchange for some much-needed attention.

4. Open Up:

Showing some vulnerability, fears, and personal insecurities to your significant other will instigate trust, respect, and healthy communication.

Get Your Partner To Do More For You

5. Use A Reward System:

Instead of pointing out all they do wrong, point out what they are doing right. You’ll be amazed at the emotional transformation.

6. Show Independence:

There is nothing more attractive than a self-sufficient partner. It is much more comforting to feel wanted than just needed.

7. Have A “Tune Up”:

Every so often, when things are looking down for you two, hold an open forum in which both parties may (respectfully) point out what they would like to see differently from one another, without any overreactions.

8. Be Positive:

A positive mindset will breed happiness at exponential rates! You will be pleasantly surprised how happy your cheerful demeanor will make your partner.

9. Kiss More:

Lack of human touch in a relationship can cause a serious strain. Make time for some silly, old fashioned make-out sessions, and watch the sparks fly.

10. Give More:

Always take time to truly compliment, appreciate, and fully reciprocate the love, affection, and support from your significant other.

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