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Why Do Men Produce Different Amounts Of Semen

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Why Do Men Produce Different Amounts Of Semen

Why Do Men Produce Different Amounts Of Semen

All men’s bodies are changed by their work, the amount of exercise they get, their level of stress and their diet. When men are trying to conceive with their lady, they need to be sure that they are taking proper steps to be as fertile as possible. A man can change the amount of semen he produces if he takes the following steps.

Why Do Men Produce Different Amounts Of Semen

Clean Diet

A man needs to be sure that he is eating a clean diet. Going on the diet that a bodybuilder would use is often helpful because it allows the body to produce proteins more easily. Also, men can use these diets to get better results at the gym.


Men need to head off to the gym to make sure they are physically fit. A guy who works out often is going to have a stronger body. They will have a better chance of being more fertile. Also, these men are going to be more attractive to their partner. When a man is having more fun, he is more likely to produce more semen.


It is hard to eliminate stress altogether, but there are many ways that people can cut back on stress. They can choose to let things slide off their back, and they can choose to leave their work at work. When men make these choices, they are more likely to be able to conceive with their partner.


When men are doing jobs that they hate, they could go into a depressed state that is going to cause their bodies to produce less semen. Men may not think they are depressed, but they may think that they have a problem when they are really just unhappy.

Each step above will help men to become a better partner when they are trying to conceive.

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