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20 Best Halloween Costumes Of 2014

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20 Best Halloween Costumes Of 2014

20 Best Halloween Costumes Of 2014

Ah, Halloween…

The children’s holiday, when kids get to dress up like ghosts, ghouls, and goblins, hitting up their neighbors for a sugar rush.

Or…is it an adult holiday? In recent years, it would appear that the latter has been true. The internet has provided people with access to more elaborate costumes, and adults have responded by hijacking Halloween a bit. The trend has become so pronounced that it’s even been a topic of controversy. When a recent Subway commercial featured a storyline about a woman trying to get skinny for her skimpy Halloween costumes, people were outraged by the ad’s sexism.

There is no controversy, however, about what the most popular Halloween costumes of 2014 are going to be. Through social media, we can see definite trends emerging, and this promises to be a unique and exciting year for costumes.

Whether you’re dressing up as dragon mother Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, the eternally popular Spiderman, or Elsa from Frozen, chances are that you (or your child’s) costume will be taking a hint from pop culture. Also, with the decline of Twilight, this may be the first year in a decade that we see less vampires. A zombie apocalypse, however, is extremely likely!

Halloween costumes


I want you

sandra halloween

Tooth and Toothpaste


1. Creepy Broken Doll

Halloween 1

2. Spider Web Cape

Halloween 2

3. Skeleton

Halloween 3

4. Gumball Machine

Halloween 4

5. Loofah

Halloween 5

6. Lion Dog

Halloween 6

7. Cowboy/ Cowgirl

Halloween 7

8. Dunkin’ Donuts

Halloween 8

9. Scuba Baby

Halloween 9

10. Chia Pet

Halloween 10

11. Jack & Coke

Halloween 11

12. Scarecrow

Halloween 12

13. Hipster Ariel

Halloween 13

14. E.T., The Extra Terrestrial

Halloween 14

15. The Energizer Bunny

Halloween 15

16. Porcelain Doll

Halloween 16

17. Cat in the Hat

Halloween 17

18. Illusion Costumes

Halloween 18

19. Effie Trinket

Halloween 19

20. School Picture

Halloween 20

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