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10 Relationship Dramas That Make Us Stronger

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10 Relationship Dramas That Make Us Stronger

10 Relationship Dramas That Make Us Stronger

Love is wonderful, but if you ask anyone whose relationship makes it longer than a few months, you will also find out that it is tough! The truth, however, is that relationship dramas can make us stronger if we let them. See these challenges as opportunities for growth. If it doesn’t wreck us, it’ll make our relationships stronger.

Relationship Dramas That Make Us Stronger

Long Distance
Statistics Brain states that 40% of long distance relationships fail, but that means that a whopping 60% of dedicated long distance relationships succeed. To make a long distance relationship really work, be willing to put in the time and effort to make the connection

Relationship Dramas That Make Us Stronger

Cheating is an automatic dump zone for many people, but if repairs are made in a spirit of good will, sincere remorse and real forgiveness, there is a chance for some amazing growth. Once a cheater is not always a cheater, so proceed with caution and good faith.

Money Woes
Money makes the world go around, and it can spin your relationship around too, if you let it! Talk seriously about spending styles and budget. A single slip doesn’t mean the end of the world, but it can be rough on the bank account.

When it comes to jealousy, remember the golden rule of look but don’t touch. Jealousy can be overcome if you remember that it is an emotion; it’s what we do that is important.

Long Hours at Work
Everyone likes a hard worker… except their long suffering significant other! When the hours at work start piling up, resentment and sadness can start piling up too. Look for things you can do together that will make your bond even stronger.

Family Issues
Is her mother an overbearing nosy nelly? Is his father a grumpy sourpuss? Family issues need to be confronted at one point or another, and you need to be willing to speak calmly and rationally about what is a pretty hot-button topic. Take a moment to consider what kind of family issues need to be considered before you move onward.

Whether they are kids from a previous relationship or kids that have together or hope to have together, they have a real impact on your lives together. Make parenting decisions as a unit and remember that through doctor’s appointments and teacher conferences, you are always a team!

Moving In
All of a sudden, you realize what the other person is really like. Can you cope with laundry on the floor and dishes that soak for days before they are finally washed? Talk out any flaws before you take the plunge.

Does your best friend hate your significant other? Does your significant other’s friends group make you roll your eyes? If so, you might be on the road to having friend drama. Remember how important you are to each other, but remember to keep your friends on your side!

Some people say that vegetarians and meat eaters can’t co-exist. We say different, but that it requires a lot of work! The more serious a relationship gets, the more time you will spend entertwined. Think hard about what this means for your fridge!

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