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How to Analyze Your Dreams

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How to Analyze Your Dreams

How To Analyze Your Dreams

Do you ever wonder what your dreams mean? Are they trying to tell you something subconsciously? Here are seven of the most common dreams and what they may mean.

How to Analyze Your Dreams

• Being chased. This seems to be the most common of all dreams. Most people remember this dream more so than other dreams. You may be chased by a monster or some kind of animal. It means that you are running away from a problem or you feel threatened by someone. It may also mean there is someone you need to pay more attention to.

• Falling. If you are falling in your dream, it most likely means you are trying to hold on to something or someone too tight. You need to just let it go and let the outcome happen as it may. It may also mean you are overwhelmed with something.

• Flying. If you are flying in your dream, it probably means that you have released yourself from something that has been weighing you down. It could be a person or a situation. It also shows how much control you have in your life, depending on how well you are flying.

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• Death. It’s very common to dream about dying, especially if you’ve just found out you’re ill. It’s perceived as being very negative, but it is also connected with a major change. It actually represents something coming to an end in your life so that you can begin something new. It can also mean that you have been emotionally hurt or afraid of being hurt. If it is someone else who has died, you may be wishing that they would go away or have a fear of losing them.

• A baby. If you dream about a baby do you think it means you want one? No! It simply means starting something new. It could be a new project, a new job, a new home, or even a new love interest.

• Car problems. These dreams usually take place in or near some kind of vehicle that is out of control. Perhaps the brakes failed or you’ve lost control of the steering wheel. You may be about to go over a cliff or involved in a crash. In your dream, you can either be the driver or the passenger. What it means is that you are feeling powerless in a situation.

• Being lost. If you have some kind of conflict in how to deal with a certain problem, this can be a very common dream. Are you lost in a forest or a building? Or do you feel trapped? Maybe you feel like you are unable to move. This can cause panic or a feeling of terror. In real life it signifies that you are trapped in a situation and are unable to make the right decision.

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