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Never Seen Before Video Of How Smoking Affects Your Lungs

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Never Seen Before Video Of How Smoking Affects Your Lungs

Never Before Seen Video Of How Smoking Affects Your Lungs

We have heard time and time again the bad effects that smoking has on our lungs and overall health, but a recent experiment has proven this on a whole new level.

A teacher from Yan Chai Hospital Tung Chi Ying Memorial School in Hong Kong decided to demonstrate the damage that cigarettes can do to your lungs. He put an healthy pig’s lung in a sealed perspex box, and hooked it up to a pump which enabled the tissue to artificially take in and then expel air. He then added a cigarette and lit it, allowing the smoke to enter the lungs. This was repeated with 60 cigarettes before comparing the lung tissue with lungs from a healthy pig.


The results were shocking, after just a short intense exposure to the cigarette smoke, the tracheal tube was heavily encrusted with black tar and nicotine residues and the lung tissue was discolored. People may object and claim that the lung was no longer a living organ therefore could not clean or repair itself, or that each cigarette was smoked in one drag, that even the most professional smoker cannot do that, nor can they smoke 60 cigarettes in a row without stopping!

That said, the average smoker smokes about 19 cigarettes each day, almost 7 packs a week, about 233 cigarettes, that is a lot! Add it into a month, or years, for a more frightening picture.

The video above is quite an eye opener! Learn how to quit smoking here. Please do it, for your health!


Edited 9/6/14 SCD

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