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How to Alkalize Your Body With Few Cups of This Green Drink

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How to Alkalize Your Body With Few Cups of This Green Drink

How to Alkalize Your Body With Few Cups of This Green Drink

We all know the age old saying “You are what you eat”. The same concept applies for what you drink. That’s right, if you drink enough 20 oz. bottles of soda, you are sure to become just that, a soda bottle! Just kidding.
If you would like to achieve superior health, drink a nutritious concoction of green leafy vegetables on a regular basis.

Now, that probably sounds downright disgusting, especially the words “concoction” and “leafy”…..ew.
But with the right harmonious ingredients, you can orchestrate a delectable green drink that can promote some serious vitality.

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It is no surprise that Green juice has become the holy grail for anyone wanting to completely transform their health. Green juice typically has a base of spinach and kale, both being chock full of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
A single cup of kale will provide you with double the daily recommended value of vitamin A and C. Spinach actually has more protein per gram than meat! Toss in a few more ingredients, and you my friend, have yourself a green cup of nature’s purest intentions.

Now, why is it best to actually make green juice instead of tossing them into a salad with some ham chunks and ranch dressing? Obviously the latter are not necessarily healthy. But your body is able to utilize the nutrients from the greens more readily if they are broken down into a liquid consistency rather than eating them whole.

Green juice also supplies fiber that can cleanse and detoxify the entire body!

Green juice also promotes a state of alkalinity in the body. We naturally have a pH of 7.4, the closer you are to an alkaline state, the healthier you feel. An alkaline body keeps diseases at bay as well. In addition, alkalinity promotes effortless weight loss!

Unlike fad diets, green juice is simply a true blue concoction of nature’s most healthiest foods. Once the benefits have been experienced, it will surely become a lifelong staple in your journey to wellness.

Making this green juice takes just a few minutes:

You will need:
1/2 Organic cucumber
2 Organic lemons/limes peeled
1 Organic cup kale
2 Organic cups baby spinach (1 handful)
1/2 Organic avocado
1 tsp pH Miracle Omega 369 essential oil
4-5 ice cubes ( filtered water )

Simply blend the ingredients together and voila!
You are now ready to take a sip of “la belle vie!” (that means “the good life” in French)

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