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How to Firm Breasts After Weight Loss

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How to Firm Breasts After Weight Loss

How to Firm Breasts After Weight Loss

When you are first losing weight, everything feels great and everything is going well, but after a while, you may realize that things are not going so wonderfully in terms of your chest. After weight loss, you may find that your breasts are hanging in a different way. They may have shrunk, but in many cases, they feel softer, less firm, and more saggy. If you want to make your breasts more firm, take a few moments to consider these exercises.

How to Firm Breasts After Weight Loss

Drink Lots of Water

When you drink a lot of water, you are restoring some of the elasticity to your skin. One of the things that makes breasts sag significantly is the fact that the skin becomes less elastic and less inclined to bounce back. You can reduce this effect in some small way when you are looking at weight loss and solving some of the issues with sagging breasts.

Do Push-Ups

One of the things that really affects the way your breasts sit on your chest is the muscles underneath. The more you are willing to work your chest muscles, the perkier your breasts will be. Do a set of ten push-ups three times a day. Make sure that you are going for quality rather than quantity. Do them from your knees if you have to. The more you are willing to do push-ups, the better your breasts will look.


Lie on your back on the floor, your arms outstretched and a five pound dumbbell in each hand. Take a deep breath and on the exhale raise your arms until you are holding the dumbbells straight up in the air. Hold them there for a moment, and then release them slowly back to place. This is something that can make a big difference when you want to firm your breasts up because they tighten the pectoral muscles underneath the breasts. Do two sets of ten presses every day.


When you want to make sure that your breasts are firm, you need to improve your muscle tone, and that is where inchworm exercises come in. Take a deep breath, and on the exhale, bend until you can place your hands on the ground in front of you. Slowly walk your hands out in front of you, holding your body firm, until you are nearly in a plank position. Use your core muscles to hold your form, and feel the stretch through your chest and your back. Then walk your feet up close to your hands, and hold that position for a bit. After that, you can simply repeat the exercise between five and ten times.

When you lose weight, you might be ready to cheer except for your breasts. Whether you are dealing with sagging breasts after weight loss now, or you are worried about dealing with it in the future, take the time to do a few of these exercises on a regular basis.

Author Bio: This post comes from Sarah, a member of the team at Hollywood Breast Clinic, headed by Dr. Simon Weight, one of Perth’s leading breast surgeons.

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