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How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions

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How to Stop Absorbing Other People's Emotions

How to Stop Absorbing Other People’s Emotions

Many of us want to attain a state of mind in which we control our own emotions, this state of mind is commonly known as emotional freedom. Many negative emotions like anger, frustration, and fear are a type of energy that can be transferred from one person to another, without meaning to we absorb negative emotions from other people.

Absorbing the emotions of others can make us overreact to events, often leading to anxiety, depression, and drug and sex abuse. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 2 million Americans suffer from the hazards of absorbing emotions from others. If you are an emotional sponge by following some simple practices you can get rid of this problem.

Here is a list of some practices that can help you avoid being an emotional sponge:

1. Identify your emotions
It’s important to understand whose emotions you are entertaining, is it yours or someone else’s? Is it a combination of both? If you are actually dealing with your own emotions of fear, anger, or frustration, try to discover the reason behind them. You can also get help from professionals if needed. If someone else’s emotions are bothering you, look to the person transferring these emotions to you.

Stop Absorbing Other People's Emotions

2. Avoid negative emitters when possible
Once you have spotted who is creating emotional problems for you try to move away from their energy zone or simply avoid being with them. Keep a distance of 20-25 feet from them. If you are with strangers who are passing on negativity move away from them, this is not rude.

3. Veil yourself
It might sound strange, but it works for many people around the world, including experts in emotional healing. When you go out or meet someone imagine yourself covered in a ball of white light, or any color that signifies power to you. Think of this ball as a shield that will not allow any negativity to come in, leaving room only for positivity. For example, imagine you are with a colleague who is angry at the world, think of your light ball to cover you and keep the anger and frustration coming from that colleague away. Creativity and imagination is key for this practice.

4. Meditate regularly
Much has been said about the benefits of meditation, it helps you focus on your inner strength and soul, keeping you in control of your emotions and enhancing your decision-making abilities. Breathe deeply and feel negative emotions going out of your body with every breath. Meditation helps you rediscover yourself. When you breathe during meditation, thoughts come into mind, focus on your breath so that these thoughts can move out of your body and the empty spaces between breaths connect you to your inner power.

5. Be around positive people
If you have tried everything and are still an emotional sponge, here is an option, since you are absorbing the emotions of others make them positive, there is no harm in absorbing positive emotions. The key here is to surround yourself with positive energy. Hope, faith, and belief are emotions up for grabbing when you spend time with people who have a positive outlook. If you cannot find anyone call a friend who always looks at the positive side of life.

While practicing these tips will help, it’s important to understand that everything takes time and you have to keep going. It’s normal to encounter difficulties in the beginning, however these difficulties will make you a more positive person as you move forward.

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