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Common Habits That Cause Infertility In Adults

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Common Habits That Cause Infertility In Adults

Common Habits That Cause Infertility In Adults

Infertility is the inability to conceive; however only in severe cases it is incurable. The current generation surely has a lot of problems, and infertility is one. Some blame it on genetic and some blame it on god.

Let us find out if these claims are true.

Unhealthy Diet:
Fertility is controlled by hormonal automation inside your body inside the Hypothalamus, situated in the brain. The Hypothalamus can be influenced by several factors. Your diet is one such factor. If your body doesn’t get the adequate nutrition per serving needed to function, the Hypothalamus is compromised and gets impaired which affects the reproductive system. Thus, a balanced diet is necessary to prevent infertility.

Excessive Alcohol Intake:
You may have heard that alcohol is one of the best Aphrodisiacs. Agreed, it does get you in the mood but it severely affects your libido. It affects the ovulation of a female and low sperm count in males making the individual infertile. So now you might want to go slow on that whiskey.

Bathing with Warm Water(Males):
This doesn’t mean you don’t take that warm bath when it is freezing cold outside. But bathing with warm water frequently can affect your sperm count. When a male is in the fetal stage the testes are inside the abdominal cavity, and once he hits puberty, the testes gradually migrate outside of that cavity. There is a reason for this—as a person grows into an adult, the heat accumulation in the body increases. Hence, the temperature in the body is not suitable for sperm production. Therefore, the testes are situated outside of the body after a male has hit puberty. So, if you bathe with warm water frequently, then low sperm count is inevitable.

Common Habits That Cause Infertility In Adults

The Laptop:
This is another habit that is very common in men and can hamper the fertility. As described earlier, the production of sperms cannot happen in a warm environment. If you work with your laptop on the lap for a long time, the testes tend to get warmer. This can impair the production of sperms.

As technology progresses, radiation is becoming a part of our lives, even the cellular networks work on radiation. Although the radiation is not as powerful as a post-nuke environment but can still be harmful. Both men and women can fall victim to reduced fertility with exposure to radiation. This is because radiation can mutate your genetic structure and function. When a person is exposed to radiation, the cell division process can get hampered and as a result, your gonads won’t function properly. So you might want to switch off your Wi-Fi and Cell phone in the night, so that you can sleep radiation-free after reading this.

The mind is a powerful tool. If you are depressed or have a mental disorder, it does affect your fertility. The obvious reason is that, the mind controls the body and all the systems inside it.
So you might want to opt for that stress busting activity your counselor suggested.

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