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10 Things You Do That Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy

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10 Things You Do That Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy

10 Things You Do That Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy

Everyone has their pet peeves, those little annoyances that get under their skin. Ladies, here are some general things you may be doing that drive your boyfriend bonkers:

running late

1. Always running late

While the occasional lateness is acceptable, because life happens, perpetually holding up plans is frustrating. Men don’t understand that it takes time to achieve the perfect beachy wave or eyeliner wings. They just want to make your reservations on time. Allot enough time for primping and dazzle him with your style and punctuality.

2. Fine is a four-letter word

Don’t say you’re fine what you’re not. Don’t expect your man to read your mind. No, he truly does not know why you are upset. While it may seem glaringly obvious to you, men aren’t that adept at picking up what you’re laying down. Be a big girl and use your words.

3. Withholding

Whether it is affection, food, or nooky, don’t try to “train” your boyfriend by withholding something from him. It won’t work. And it’s immature. If something is bothering you, talk to him about it instead.

4. Faking it

No, not that. Don’t pretend to have interests that you actually don’t. If you hate camping, or football, or white water rafting, be honest about it. Otherwise you will be building commonalities based on a lie. And worse, you may be forced to participate in activities that terrify you!

5. Insecurities aren’t attractive

“Do you love me? Do I look fat? Is she prettier than me?” First of all, knock it off. You’re amazing just the way you are. Second, confidence is sexy. He fell for you the way you are. Own it.

6. Phoning it in

Men are, by nature, not particularly chatty. Blowing up his phone with calls and texts isn’t going to crack him, it’s going to irritate him. Don’t feed into the stereotype of the clingy girlfriend; everyone needs their space.

7. All the feels

Women tend to be more open with their emotions. Men tend to freak out about this. While it’s totally legit to express your feelings, crying over every little thing makes men uncomfortable. On account of the being bad at expressing emotion. It’s a cycle, I know.

8. Shop-a-palooza

Your man loves you and your unique style. But he doesn’t love sitting outside a waiting room while you try on the same shirt in every color. He doesn’t care about the comfort difference between sling backs, stilettos, or wedges. Leave him at home and bring your girlfriends. Then you won’t have to hear him complain!

9. Side-seat driving

This one goes both ways, but one of you has to be the trendsetter. If you don’t like how he handles traffic or ignores directions, then you be the driver. Otherwise, deep breaths and bite your tongue. And maybe let the GPS tell him he’s going the wrong way again.

10. The crawl

Of clutter, that is. Do you take up all of the closet space? Are your toiletries occupying the bathroom counter like a hippie sit-in? Chances are this drives him nuts. Keep it contained, ladies. And hey, it’s an excuse to buy fun organizational goodies!

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