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The World Of Selfies

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The World Of Selfies

The World Of Selfies

Today we are living in a world that taking the perfect Selfie is an art and is considered to be a must have talent. From Famous Celebrities like Ellen Degeneres (with the very famous Selfie she took at the Oscars) to President Obama it seems everyone is getting into taking Selfies these days; according to the latest statistics the World’s Selfie Capitals (most taken Selfies to this date) are as listed below:


1. Makati City (Philippines)
2. New York (Manhattan)
3. Miami
4. Anaheim & Santa Ana (California)
5. Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)
6. Tel Aviv
7. Manchester (England)
8. Milan
9. Cebu City (Philippines)
10. George Town (Malaysia)

As being from Miami, I can honestly say and testify to the truth of it being ranked the third Selfie Capital of the world because everywhere you look somebody is taking a Selfie; me, myself I’m guilty as charged, I take at least a few Selfies each day! I mean come on be honest don’t you?!

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