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How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

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How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body


Your mind is an important factor in your health. There are several mind-body techniques that have been used for ages in Ayurvedic Medicine and traditional Chinese Medicine. These techniques are based on healing practices that involve a thread that connects mind and body.

Mind-body techniques involve the appropriate use of the power of thoughts, attitude, and spiritual beliefs to heal the body and improve physical health. Herbert Banson, M.D. says, “We now have compelling scientific proof that the mind can heal the body.” Here are some techniques that can help you heal your body:

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body

  • Say Om

Chanting Om is associated with healing benefits. Research shows that chanting can stabilize your heart rate, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, produce more endorphins, and aid metabolism. Chanting can also improve focus which alleviates stress levels. Chanting Om, or another phrase, is the most basic sound of yoga and can foster deep mental clarity and emphasize a sense of togetherness.


  • Hypnosis

Thoughts become more focused and attentive during hypnosis and our body relaxes. The state of concentration makes some people highly responsive to the suggestion of hypnotherapists. This technique is used by many professionals to treat the patients with pain, addiction, anxiety disorders, and phobias.



  • Meditation

Put on your favorite Omharmonics track and relax your brain into a peaceful state without any activity. Thirty minutes of meditation every day can do wonders for your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. It decreases stress levels and the body enters “rest and digest” mode where cells get repaired and regenerate. It is an effective way to repair your emotions and thoughts. Meditation also helps relieve migraines, per a recent study, those who practiced meditation regularly for 3 months suffered fewer and less intense headaches.


  • Deep Breathing

Taking deep breaths is the quickest way to relax your brain. Like they say, when you feel angry start taking deep breaths and you will be calmer faster. It relaxes your mood and lowers your blood pressure. Per recent research, deep breathing can increase levels of antioxidants that protect you from oxidative stress and helps with conditions associated with it including hypertension, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s disease.


  • Chinese Yoga

One form of Chinese yoga is qigong. It helps alleviate heart disease, bone loss, type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol. Practice these moves and you will see remarkable differences. Stand tall with your feet hip width apart. Slightly bend your knees, leave your hands hanging in front of your thighs. Lift both hands to chest level leading with the wrist as you inhale, then exhale and bring your hands back to your thighs. Keep your fingers in position as if you are painting a wall. Repeat for two minutes.

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body2


  • Plug in your earphones

For all the chronic pain sufferers out there, this is the easiest way to relieve pain. Groove out for headaches and joint pains. Per a recent study by Sandra L. Siedlecki, Ph.D., senior nurse researcher at the Cleveland Clinic, it was found that chronic pain sufferers who listened to music for an hour a day for 7 days reduced pain by 20%. The key factor is choosing the right tracks. Listen to music that reminds you of a time you were happy and free of pain. Play music that makes you feel the way you want to be.


  • Smile

Those who smile more often and are positive thinkers are less likely to develop heart disease, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular diseases. One study conducted over a 15 year period on 100,000 women found that happier women were 14% less likely to die in a period of 8 years than those who were not. Smiling and happy thoughts can have an immediate relaxing effect on your body.

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