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5 Mouth Conditions That Can Cause Pain

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5 Mouth Conditions That Can Cause Pain

5 Mouth Conditions That Can Cause Pain

Sometimes we experience mouth pain and we ignore it thinking its from a minor reason, but sometimes when we ignore mouth pain, it means we are ignoring major oral issues. If your pain persists for a long period you should consult your doctor. Here are some mouth diseases that can cause pain:

1. Mouth ulcers

One reason for mouth pain can mouth ulcers, a condition caused by ill-fitting dentures, fractured teeth, or fillings. The symptoms include burning mouth, facial pain, and mandibular pain. If the pain persists for more than 3 weeks it should be discussed with your doctor. Usually ulcers related to these traumas resolve within a week after removing the cause. You can use anti-inflammatory and anesthetic throat spray for temporary relief. A good mouth wash should be used to maintain oral hygiene, you can also use our home remedies.

2. Abscessed Tooth

Another painful cause of dental pain is an abscessed tooth, an infection in your tooth. If your tooth pain is keeping you awake at night it can be due to an abscess which is more than just a toothache. Those with weak immune systems often get them. The middle part of an abscess is painful when touched. You should not push your infected abscess as it forces the infection deeper into tissues. The pain can be avoided temporarily with painkillers or natural remedies, like chewing a whole clove or using a used tea bag. This condition cannot be treated with painkillers and you should see a dentist as soon as possible. Avoid very hot or cold food and drinks. A root canal is the usual recommended treatment.

5 Mouth Conditions That Can Cause Pain

3. Oral candidiasis (Thrush)

This is a fungal infection of the oral mucosa caused by poor dental health, local trauma, diabetes, severe anemia, malnutrition, deficiency of iron, folate and vitamin B12, immuno-suppression, smoking, or drug use. It causes pain when eating and drinking and alters the sense of taste. Consult your doctor regarding the pain and its possible cause.

4. Painful tongue

A sore tongue can be caused by oral thrush or anemia. If you are feeling pain on your tongue without having bitten or burnt your tongue, its recommended to see your doctor. If you wear dentures clean them as often as you would clean your original teeth. Dentures should be brushed before soaking them to remove food particles. Its important to maintain good oral hygiene.

5. Gum Gingivitis or sore gums

Painful gums may be due to inflammation of gums known as gingivitis. There are several causes including hormonal changes during pregnancy. Its important to take care of your gums and keep them healthy. You can massage your gums with your finger tip. If the pain persists consult your doctor and should treat it accordingly. Pain in gums is also caused by localized sores.

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