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Can Meditation Save Your Relationship?

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Can Meditation Save Your Relationship?

Can Meditation Save Your Relationship?

Arguments are inevitable in any relationship, they arise from many factors including clash of egos and having different points of view. We are sometimes disappointed because our partner is not able to fulfill our expectations therefore differences occur. A common mistake is to try to change your partner into the person you want them to be, instead of changing your attitude to your partner. Can meditation help save your relationship? Lets find out:

Meditation is the most effective way to know your own thoughts and explore your inner self by paying attention and slowing down. The objective of passive meditation is stillness and being free from unwanted negative thoughts. We get to know our own mind and recognize inner critical feelings that rule our lives.

Meditation is a reflective practice which enables you to know how you are responsible for your own actions and feelings. The wrong things that happen between you and your partner are unavoidable. It is you who is more responsible for what happens rather than the other person. Your actions and thoughts pave your way. We often make things greater than they are and increase the frustration and irritation level. We do not want to subdue our ego but at the same time we want things to be fine. Since meditation enables us to know our thoughts, we are able to stay connected with our inner feelings which helps prevent us from being a victim of inappropriate and intense conversations. Meditation also makes you calmer and composed which helps avoid fights and chaos.

Can Meditation Save Your Relationship?

Meditation is not about burying your emotions and not speaking what you are feeling but cultivating a different relationship to your feelings and experiences where you are the driver of your life. As you practice meditation, you attain a greater sense of inner peace which is beneficial for you and your relationship. It helps in eliminating unwanted and unhealthy levels of stress that stays with you in your daily life. You can overcome your actions and thoughts as it gives you more power over your thoughts and actions.

The best way meditation can help you is to practice with your partner so that your disagreements are acknowledged and resolved before they cause big damage. It is advisable to take a break for a while when any difference or conflict occurs in order to contemplate what has happened. Some experts suggest that when you disagree or argue with your partner, both should take some time to meditate and to reflect on what they were doing that caused the argument. You should not place blame on each other, instead look at yourself and watch your behavior to find what can be done to calm the situation. Everything can be won with love except arguments.

Meditation will help you present yourself in a positive way and you will be able to say what you feel in a way and at the time your partner can understand you. Next time you are stuck in a situation that can trigger irritation and anger, take a deep breath and count to 10, then exhale. Repeat the process a few times and keep your tongue from spoiling things.

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