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How to Make A Cilantro Pesto For Heavy Metal Detox

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How to Make A Cilantro Pesto For Heavy Metal Detox

How to Make A Cilantro Pesto For Heavy Metal Detox

Metal poisoning is a dangerous thing, it can cause hormonal imbalance, cancer, thyroid problems, neurological disturbances, depression, parasites, and learning difficulties. Cilantro, also known as coriander or Chinese parsley, has been shown to be effective in eliminating toxic metals from human bodies in a short span of time, its also a great tissue cleanser. If you combine it with other beneficial ingredients, it can do wonders. Its easy to make and tasty.

Here are some recipes:

Recipe #1


1. Garlic – 4 cloves
2. Brazil nuts – 1/3 cup
3. Sunflower seeds – 1/3 cup
4. Pumpkin seeds – 1/3 cup
5. Fresh cilantro – 2 cup
6. Flaxseed oil – 2/3 cup
7. Lemon juice – 4 tablespoons
8. Bragg’s Liquid Amino


1. Mix flaxseed oil and cilantro in a blender until cilantro is chopped.
2. Add the seeds, garlic, nuts, and lemon juice to the mixture and mix well to a finely blended paste.
3. Add a squirt of Bragg’s Liquid Amino according to taste and blend again. Now your cilantro pesto is ready. It freezes well, you can purchase cilantro in season and make plenty of pesto which will last a year. Keep in a dark glass jars if possible.

How to Make A Cilantro Pesto For Heavy Metal Detox

Note: Take 2 teaspoons daily to detoxify heavy metals from your body. You can also use it as a preventive measure.

Recipe #2


1. Cilantro – 2 bunches/ 1 cup

2. Garlic – 4-8 cloves

3. Extra virgin olive oil – 1 cup

4. Pumpkin seeds – ½-1 cup

5. Sunflower seeds – ½-1 cup

6. Lemon juice – 4 Tablespoons

7. Brazil nuts – ¼ cup

8. Apple cider vinegar/Bragg’s liquid amino to taste (optional)


1.Place cilantro and oil in a blender until smooth.
2. Add remaining ingredients except vinegar. Blend them to a fine thick paste.
3. Add a squirt of vinegar or amino to taste and your cilantro pesto is ready to eat.


1. This is an amazing dish for summer
2. You can add less or more garlic to taste.
3. Use it as a spread on crackers, vegetables, or on toast. You can also put it on rice or pasta.
4. Eating 2 teaspoons daily for 3 weeks is enough for the excretion of mercury, lead, and aluminum through urine. Enjoy this recipe for 3 weeks consecutively at least once a year.

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