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Tricks To Thicken Your Eyelashes

Tricks To Thicken Your Eyelashes
Tricks To Thicken Your Eyelashes

Tricks To Naturally Thicker Your Eyelashes

Many people want thicker, darker lashes. We use many products to make them look thicker, eyelash curlers, false eyelashes, and mascara. These products can make lashes look beautiful temporarily, they also make them weak and unhealthy.

Here are some natural ways to thicken your eyelashes naturally at home:

1. Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)

Vaseline is effective for making lashes thicker and for strong healthy hair follicles. It has been used for decades to keep your hair healthy and strong. To use it on your eyelashes, first clean your lashes with water before going to bed and apply Vaseline to your lashes and eyebrows. Work your lashes in place with the help of an eyelash brush. Leave overnight then wash it off with warm water in the morning. Vaseline helps grow new lashes and to strengthen them. Make sure it does not get in your eyes. Repeat 3 times a week.

2. Olive oil

Olive oil has amazing effects on hair growth, it contains vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for lashes and hair. Pour some drops of olive oil on a cotton ball and apply it to your eyelashes. Make sure to cover the entire lash. Leave it for 5-10 minutes then wash it off with tepid water. This way all the traces of oil will be removed leaving your eyelashes shiny and in healthy condition. Keep following the procedure for at least 1 month for best results.

3. Eyelid Massage

Massaging is a fabulous technique to activate organs. Massaging your eyelids will help increase circulation and stimulate the growth of lashes. It’s good for your eyes too. Wash your hands then use the pads of fingers on your eyelids to massage them. Massage lids and lash line in circular motions.

Tricks To Naturally Thicker Your Eyelashes

4. Green tea

Green tea contains beneficial properties like flavonoids that are great for overall health. Put some green tea on a cotton ball and apply to your eyelashes. This will stimulate growth and help clean the follicles to promote growth of your lashes.

5. Keep your eyes clean

It’s important to remove all eye make-up, especially on eyelashes, before going to bed as they need to breathe. Make sure to clean them without rubbing or tugging your eyes and eyelashes vigorously. This will harm your lashes and make them fall off and harm the sensitive skin around the eyes.

6. Avoid eyelash products

It’s important to give your eyes and eyelashes a break to recover from damage. Avoid using eyelash products like curlers every once in a while. During this time use home remedies to nurture them. Too much exposure to chemical eye products can harm your eyes and make your lashes fall off.

7. Vitamins

Lack of essential vitamins may lead to thin eyelashes. It’s recommended to have vitamins B and D regularly in your diet to enhance the resistance of your lashes against harmful make-up products. Vitamins will keep your follicles healthy. Lashes take more time to grow back compared to hair. Keep them healthy and strong by modifying your diet.

8. Diet

Our eyelashes are made up of a type of protein called keratin. A diet rich in protein is good for hair and skin, including eyelashes. Eggs, fish oil, red, orange, and yellow fruits are also good for eyelashes because they contain vitamin A. Calcium-enriched foods like dark green, leafy vegetables are also good for hair growth.

9. Stay hydrated

Drink enough water to maintain a healthy diet, this will help boost growth of your eyelashes. Water is good for your overall health as well.