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10 Odd Ways You Can Boost Your Libido

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10 Odd Ways You Can Boost Your Libido

10 Odd Ways You Can Boost Your Libido

Finding it difficult to get pumped up about love life? These ten tricks and tips will help kickstart your libido and get you under the covers in no time.

Ways You Can Boost Your Libido

1. Switch your birth control. A new brand or a pill with lower estrogen may restore it. Talk to your doctor about your love life and let them know you think it may be the birth control. You can also stop taking your birth control pills for up to six months. Just don’t forget to replace it with some other type of birth control! If you can, ditch the pills altogether.

2. Watch TV – seriously. Studies have shown that people who have a TV in their bedroom have more activity in bed. The trick is to put on either a *exy show or a boring one.

3. Seduce your guy by wearing something red – studies show that the fiery color turns men on.

4. Stay at a healthy weight – some people find *ex less desirable as they start packing on pounds. When your confidence is high, your libido will be, too.

5. Replace processed goods (especially bakery treats) and dairy products with libido-enhancing foods like pomegranate juice, tomatoes and broccoli. Yes, broccoli.

6. Ditch the Bud and grab a glass of vino. There are studies that show that red wine can improve $ex drive. Just stick to one glass of wine, though – more can have the opposite effect.

7. Get the adrenaline pumping. Watch a scary movie, visit a haunted house at Halloween, take a trip to an amusement park – things that are daring and a bit risky can increase your $ex drive. Even something as simple as a run on the treadmill may raise your adrenaline enough to put you in the mood.

8. Aromatherapy can do wonders for your libido. Studies show that women like cinnamon, musk and vanilla, while men seem to go for lavender and pumpkin pie.

9. Nibble on chocolate – the serotonin will help your ex drive as well as your mood.

10. De-stress with yoga, meditation or just some deep breathing exercises (or get a little extra sleep). When you’re stressed, $ex is the last thing on your mind. Getting rid of anxiety leaves room for your libido to thrive.

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