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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Family

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5 Ways to Strengthen Your Family

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Family
By Divya Shree
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

Be it a nuclear family, step-family, single-parent family, or an empty-nest family, all families have different qualities that make them unique and precious. A family involves people and relations that play vital roles keeping the family together. Its important for a family to be strengthened from time to time. A happy family can make you happier and perform better. Here are some ways to strengthen your family:

5 Ways to Strengthen Your Family

1. Appreciation
Everybody loves to be appreciated for their good deeds. If you appreciate your family members it will enhance their self-esteem and make them feel worthy. Appreciation creates a sense of belongingness and togetherness. Avoiding negative attributes and focusing on positive ones can make your relationships strong. A monthly celebration for any small achievement of your children or spouse or parents, saying I love you often, and expressing your care and love for them can also help build a strong bond. Remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and special occasions can also help. Appreciation motivates the person and makes them more enthusiastic.

2. Togetherness
Spending quality time together is a great way to boost relationships. This creates happy memories, a happy environment, and a sense of togetherness. If you have a busy schedule and can’t make much time for your family then make a habit of having your meals together at least once each day, you pick the one that works. Organize small get-togethers with your family and work together. Perform your daily house chores together having conversations and discussing your daily happenings. Playing indoor/outdoor games, planning a surprise for a family member, and going on vacations are small things that make big differences. A happy person is a healthier person. Spending and sharing your precious time with your family can make you a satisfied and successful person.


3. Communication
It is said that communication is key to successful and healthy relationships. It has been observed that happy families are often characterized by positive and open channels of communication. Communicating your worries, sorrows, and other grievances can help you come out of them sooner and make you feel lighter. It is said that sharing happiness makes the happiness multiplied while sharing sorrows decreases them. Sometimes people get hurt and keep those things to themselves, they don’t discuss or clear them with their loved ones. This can hamper your relationships in the long run, its important to communicate with your family members if something is bothering you or you did not like something. This can make your relationship stronger and strengthen your family bond. The trust factor also goes up and you improve your communication skills as well. Keeping in touch with your family through small phone calls can also help and fill your absence if you are out of town.

4. Name Calling
Giving a name to your family like a team can make your bond stronger than ever. This sounds fun and helps build stronger relationships with your family members. You feel united and enjoy a sense of togetherness. Also you can give cute pet names to your children or spouse and make them happy by addressing them with those names, this way you can express your love for them. You can also use some code word that can be used among several people which only you and your family member understand. This not only strengthens your family relationship but also makes your family perceived as a happy family by others.

5. Trust
Trust is a most basic factor that makes the base of any relationship. Trusting your family members and having full faith in them can help strengthen your family. Teach your children about the beliefs and value of trust. Be honest with your parents and partners so that they can rely on you in tough times. This way even the toughest of the tough situations can’t make your family go down and help you all remain calm and composed.



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