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Stress Buster Smoothie

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Stress Buster Smoothie

Stress Buster Smoothie
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

Stress can be anything that poses a threat or challenge to our well-being. We tend to use the word ‘stress’ when things become too much for us and we wonder whether or not can we cope with the situation. At this point, stress-busters can help you relax. Stress-busters can be any product, practice, or system designed to alleviate stress and can be of great help during times when you are having stress.

Following is a recipe for a stress-buster smoothie, which tastes great and will help you release stress and become calm and composed.


• Blueberries – 150 grams or 4-5 ounces
• Small Banana – 1
• Natural yogurt – 200 mL or 6 ounces
• Ground Flaxseed – 1 Tablespoon
• A pinch of cinnamon
• Ice to blend

stress buster smoothie


Use a high-speed blender mixing all ingredients together until smooth and creamy and your stress-buster smoothie is ready to be consumed.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

While this stress-buster smoothie is easy to prepare, tastes great, and helps you to chill, the ingredients provide many health benefits as well.

Blueberries – Like cranberries, blueberries contain compounds that prevent bacteria from adhering to bladder walls which are helpful in treating urinary tract infections. Moreover, blueberries get their blue hue from anthocyanins. These are known to attack cancer-causing free radicals and can even block the growth of tumor cells. They are also good for your brain.

Bananas – Bananas are a calorie-dense fruit and consuming one banana can make you feel energetic. They are a good source of potassium and magnesium which are heart-protective, help maintain blood pressure, and are good for bone health. Bananas also protect against stomach ulcers as they have an antacid effect.

Yogurt – Yogurt is an excellent source of protein and is easier to digest than milk. Eight ounces of plain yogurt contains ten to fourteen grams of protein. It can also help to lower the blood cholesterol. It is also a rich source of calcium. Absorption of calcium in the body is increased by the live active cultures in yogurt and that is a reason why yogurt gets more calcium in your body than milk does.

Flaxseed – They are a rich source of micronutrients, dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin B1, and the essential fatty acid alpha-linoleic acid also known as ALA or omega-3. Flaxseeds can help lower risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease besides being a source of healthy fat, antioxidants, and fiber.

Cinnamon – Cinnamon is helpful in treatment of muscle spasms, diarrhea, vomiting, infections, loss of appetite, the common cold, and erectile dysfunction. Its also helpful in stabilizing blood sugar and is capable of fighting bacterial and fungal infections.

Because of the above mentioned benefits of the ingredients of stress buster smoothie you can have this treat as often as you like, you can be certain that every time you consume this smoothie you are not only cutting your stress but getting health benefits from it.

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