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10 Reasons to Try Natural Birth Control

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10 Reasons to Try Natural Birth Control

10 Reasons to Try Natural Birth Control
By PositiveMed Team
Edited By Stephanie Dawson

It can be a difficult decision to choose a birth control that is right for you. Many birth controls have an overload of hormones in them so one should be careful as it can be dangerous. Few natural birth control methods are effective but one may be right for you. Following are the ten reasons why you should try natural birth control:

It is as effective as pill, if not more

Various studies have proved 97.5 – 100% effectiveness of The Billings Method wherein mucus secretion changes in women’s bodies are monitored to see when ovulation occurs.

Lowers the risk of Breast cancer

The risk of breast cancer is increased by hormonal birth control pills. Cancer is fed by hormones, putting excess hormones into your body increases risk of breast cancer.

You will receive your libido

Low libido is a common problem. Many studies have shown that libido, lubrication, and enjoyment of closeness are impacted by hormonal birth control.

You become more in tune with your body

If you do not depend on an outside source and can listen to the signs from your body about your fertility, you will be in tune with your body as you strengthen your ability to hear your body’s message more easily and quickly.

Natural rhythms of your hormones and cycle will be preserved

A woman’s system is disturbed by suppressing normal hormonal ebbs. The effect can range from mood swings to weight gain.

It’s not difficult

It’s easy to learn, many women around the world have been using natural birth control successfully.

It can be exciting

The exciting part is that your partner can help you with this. They can figure out what is going on down there and it can work as foreplay for both of you.

10 Reasons to Try Natural Birth Control

It’s free

People can spend a significant amount of money on birth control. Natural birth control is free.

When you decide to get pregnant, it will be easier

When you start using natural birth control, you will get to know your body’s natural window of fertility and infertility better and this will make it easier for you to know when to aim for love-making dates. When women use hormonal birth control for years they can experience problems that hinder becoming pregnant.

Birth control becomes a shared responsibility

The process of observing and charting fertility can be done by both partners, making both responsible. Cycles are tracked on a chart so your partner can be involved and changes seen by both of you.

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