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12 ‘Bad’ Foods That are Actually Good for You

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12 'Bad' Foods That are Actually Good for You

12 ‘Bad’ Foods That are Actually Good for You
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

1. White rice

Researchers have found that white rice is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Studies suggest that people who eat white rice are less likely to gain weight than people who eat brown rice. Though white rice is high in carbs, they are an important part of our diet because of the nutritional benefits. White rice also helps maintain healthy skin.

2. Coffee

There are various health benefits to coffee, it contains caffeine that keeps us active and prepares the body to tackle a busy day. Its rich in flavonoids which are helpful to heart health. Flavonoids protect cells from ill effects of the aging process. Coffee is helpful in avoiding Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Overconsumption should be avoided.

3. Pasta

Pasta is considered to be unhealthy in some regions, however this Italian cuisine is not as bad as once thought. Pasta is avoided by healthy people because of the glycemic index. The fact is pastas like spaghetti and macaroni are made up of white durum wheat which has a low glycemic index, measuring around 40-50. Eating pasta doesn’t cause a quick rise in blood sugar. Preparing pasta with lean protein makes it more healthy.

4. Alcohol

Moderate consumption of alcohol has health benefits. Moderate consumption is defined as one drink per day for women and 2 for men. It reduces risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Alcohol also helps control some types of cancer. A 2011 study also suggests that people who consume moderate amount of alcohol daily are 23% less likely to suffer from brain disease.

12 'Bad' Foods That are Actually Good for You

5. Beef

If you are one of those who love red meat but have eliminated it from your diet because of health concerns, there is good news. Moderate consumption of beef can help you lose weight and improve the quality of your diet. Beef contains essential vitamins and minerals which include vitamin B, iron, zinc, and proteins.

6. Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is known for reducing bad cholesterol and blood clots. It contributes to better cognitive performance in elderly people. It’s good to have dark chocolate with higher cocoa levels as it helps increase sex drive. Overconsumption may result in weight gain.

7. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are not always considered healthy because they have no color unlike green vegetables and tomatoes, it’s a myth. Mushrooms contain selenium, riboflavin, iron, vitamin D, and calcium and a serving of mushrooms is very healthy. They help maintain a healthy immune system and can act as a meat replacements for vegetarians.

8. Dried fruits

Some don’t consider dried fruits healthy because they think dried fruit has more calories than fresh. This property of dried fruits can be used positively at times. They can be consumed and treated as replacements of high-calorie nutrient-poor foods like desserts and candies. Besides being antioxidant powerhouses these fruits contain potassium, fiber, and folate.

9. Peanut butter

One research found that women who consumed one serving of peanut butter daily were 25% less likely to become obese. Making peanut butter part of your favorite smoothie adds nutritional value and great taste.

10. Potatoes

Potatoes have a bad reputation for adding extra pounds. Potatoes are high in potassium and a healthy source of fiber. Potato skin can be used as a heart-healthy anti-cancer food. Potatoes contain resistant starch that cannot be digested which helps regulate blood sugar.

11. Popcorn

Popcorn is one of the healthiest whole grains available. Research suggests that popcorn is loaded with phytonutrients. Popcorn can be a healthy snack replacements, 3 cups of popcorn can be enjoyed for just 100 calories.

12. Bananas

Bananas are not always considered healthy because they are higher in calories than other fruits. The health benefits of bananas include post-meal fat-burning and fat incineration. They also contain resistant starch and iron.

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