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Look Good in Skinny Jeans? – Here’s What Gynecologists Warn You About

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Look Good in Skinny Jeans? – Here’s What Gynecologists Warn You About

Look Good in Skinny Jeans? – Here’s What Gynecologists Warn You About

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Skinny jeans are convenient clothes for many ladies. They are worn with any top, and the look is complete. Some of these pants are too tight, putting them on is a process of pulling and pulling. Most women, however, do not know the tight fitting pants pose a great danger to their health. They tend to put pressure on the bladder and are physically too close to the privates.

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When skinny jeans are extremely tight and worn with very light panties such as thongs, the vulva is left exposed. Continuous rubbing of the vulva by the pants results to an irritation similar to an infection. It may become swollen, itchy and red which may eventually lead to an infection from the rubbing.

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According to the $exual health department at UCSF Medical Center, tight pants do not directly cause infections. They increase the likelihood of developing a yeast infection by creating favorable conditions. Skinny jeans prevent the free circulation of air around the private parts. Such conditions trap heat and moisture, creating a conducive environment for yeast growth.

Another disease that may be triggered or worsened by wearing skinny jeans is urinary tract infection (UTI). Cloth fibers carry a lot of bacteria, depending on exposure to the environment. Skinny jeans are too close to the body, making the transfer of infection causing bacteria from the clothes to the vulva very easy. The condition only gets worse with the little circulation of air and a squeezed bladder. The result can be discomforts passing urine and abdominal pain. UTIs that go unattended pose a high risk to the kidneys.

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Very tight skinny jeans extending to the tummy exert a lot of pressure on the abdomen. Some of the high waists designs have buttons from the naval all the way to the top of the stomach.They tend to tuck-in the stomach to appear flatter.
It may result to pain in the abdomen which goes away with the pants removal.The pressure also causes the stomach acids to move upwards causing heartburns and indigestion.

It is important to clean undergarments and air them properly, to avoid yeast infections and UTIs. Rinsing the pants altogether with a lot of water will remove traces of detergent. The detergent tampers with the pH in the urinal tract causing yeast infections. Vegetable flake soaps are better since they are not as harsh as conventional

When there are already signs of an infection, it is advisable to stay away from the tight pants. Wear skirts or dresses as they allow free air circulation. Those with recurrent infections should wear cotton underwear since they are more absorbent than the synthetic ones. It is advisable to use panty liners when there is heavy discharge. Change them as frequently as possible to prevent further irritation.

Away from the reproductive health issues, the BBC Newsbeat reported the case of an Australian woman who collapsed and lay for hours before anyone could figure out what the problems was. The woman was helping a friend move things in the house dressed in skinny jeans. Doctors found out that the stretching and squatting in the tight pants put too much pressure on her limb muscles. The pressure caused the muscles to swell inwards instead of outwards.

According to the Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry the pressure damages the muscle and nerve fibers in the legs over an extended period. It is not noticeable at first, but after several years of the habit dressing, the legs start experiencing muscle problems with symptoms such as fatigue and pain. The issue is no longer just musculoskeletal, but also neurological. She apparently felt numbness on her feet which made her trip and fall. She had completely lost feeling in her lower legs.

Everyone wants to make a fashion statement. There are other clothes out there that can do that without compromising a woman’s reproductive health and physical health. Maybe it is time to switch it up to dresses and skirts.


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