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Ways to Lose Weight

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Ways to Lose Weight

By Katerina Kirpa- Guest Writer

Have you ever tried to lose weight? Were you successful or did you regained it back pretty soon? Wondering why? What went wrong? There is a number of various weight loss methods advertised and all of them promise outstanding results. But how to know which one to choose? Should you reduce carbs as Paleo, Zone, Atkins and other diets suggest? Should you remove meat from your menu as vegetarians, pescatarians, flexitarians and vegans do?

In order for a person not to get buried in an avalanche of information Nordbariatric has developed the infographic which presents different weight loss methods. It looks at the most common diets, its pros and cons and the importance of physical exercise. Did you know that a person can burn from 219 calories to 273 dancing, even more rollerblading 548- 683? The experts say that in order to achieve long-lasting results dieting is not enough. A person should improve his or her way of living. The advice is to eat healthier and be more active.

ways to lose weight

However, sometimes when a person has too much excess weight and traditional means do not show any tangible results, he or she is encouraged to think about obesity surgery. Weight loss infographic also presents a brief discussion of gastric bypass, gastric balloon, gastric sleeve and gastric band. Explore the infographic and pick the right method for you which will lead you to a better and healthier self!

Infographic How to lose weight


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