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10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

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10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness


Happiness is a choice we can make at any time or place. Our thoughts are sometimes automatic, but we can be at a level of awareness where we can see how our thoughts influence our feelings of being happy or miserable, not circumstances by themselves. We can control our thoughts and feelings to some degree, to master this discipline is a must, but the results will be happiness.

Your body

Our feelings are influenced by posture. A good posture generates a happy disposition. Its important to exercise to strengthen back muscles, the posterior chain, and core, for good posture put your head and chin up.

Live for the moment

Happiness isn’t in years, months, weeks, or even days. Happiness is only present in a single moment, right now. Live for the present and process the emotional wounds of the past. Remember that happiness is not a goal by itself, it’s a life choice, it’s a process. A magnificent practice to create full awareness of the moment is mindfulness meditation. Try to meditate everyday for at least 15 minutes and increase this time. Don’t hesitate to meditate every place you go.

Improve your self image

Learn to love yourself. Believe in your capacities and skills. Do things that make you feel good without side effects like exercise, meditation, love, playing with animals or kids, try to do things that make you happy. Learn to nurture yourself and enjoy moments only for yourself.

10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness


A goal is a dream that is more concrete, with real perspectives of fulfillment like a dream job or finishing a career. A dream is more abstract. Try to make your dreams come true. Set rules that allow you to reach your goals.


A smile is important to your self-esteem. When we smile our brain sends a signal that everything is OK, science is beginning to understand how protective genes are activated by neurochemicals released in happiness-like states. A smile can make a big difference.

Forgive more

While you hold resentment and hate your life will be impossible. The wonderful thing forgiveness is that you liberate others from guilt and free yourself of suffering.

To give

One of the true secrets to be happy is to give without expecting too much. Laws of energy and attraction will give you back what you gave once. If you send hate vibes, you’ll receive them in a boomerang state.


When you are with someone else you start walking together and begin fulfill dreams. When two people are together in a spirit of collaboration and respect, synergy shows in a natural way. Try to understand people that surround you and be a true friend. Cultivate friendships and build relationships based on love, respect, and fidelity.


Faith creates confidence, gives us strength, and ability to do anything to overcome anxiety, preoccupations, and fear. Research shows the benefit of religions and faith. Faith in ourselves and faith in a positive future changes our lives and makes us more positive human beings.

10 Scientific Ways To Become Happier

10 Ways to Increase Your Happiness
BY: Andres Carvajal
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

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