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5 Signs you May Have Had a Past Life

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5 Signs you May Have Had a Past Life

5 Signs you May Have Had a Past Life

By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

•Frequent Deja Vu Experiences

Dr. Brian Weiss says that its possible to heal and grow your mind, body, and soul as well as strengthen your present day relationship through past life regression. According to him, déjà vu, the sensation that you have previously met a person or visited someplace, is one of the most common signs of past life. According to psychics and researchers there are some parts of your personality you cannot forget, tidbits of these are embedded in your spiritual psychic unconscious no matter how long ago these experiences happened.

•You got A’s in history without trying

Clues to past lives can be talents and abilities, likes and dislikes, and attractions and aversions. Certain people or cultures may draw you towards them even though you have never visited them. You may be surprised to find out that you are able to learn certain subjects or prepare for a profession much more easily than others. You might be able to learn a particular foreign language easily even though you have never heard that language before or know nothing about it, specific historical times and events such as ancient Egypt or the Civil War period may interest you. These may be signs of a past life.

•You have a soul mate

Travelling through different lives with the same group of souls is not uncommon. These groupings can be called soul mates, soul companions, or soul families. We seem to accumulate or resolve our karma and learn spiritual lessons with our soul groups. Souls remain the same even though relationships may change from life to life. Your father may incarnate as your brother, so the relationship has changed but the soul remains the same. Thinking in this manner we can say that we never lose our loved ones because we are always being reunited either on the other side or back here in physical bodies.

5 Signs You May Have Had a Past Life !

•Unexplainable phobias

From a scientific point of view certain factors cause fear and one of them is having had a distressing or traumatic encounter. You might have some phobias you cannot explain, even though you know that no traumatic incident has happened, you have an unreasonable phobia of water. One cannot be sure of the exact reasons but one possibility might be that you have had some unpleasant experience with water in a past life.

•Your dreams seem very real

It might be a past-life memory emerging if you have vivid, detailed dreams of yourself in different places and time. Past-life memories may not be actual memories but may carry a message with them which can be interpreted using the symbol and metaphors present in those dreams. These symbols are powerful and can help you recall past memories.

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