6 Habits of Happy Couples

6 Habits of Happy Couples

6 Daily Habits That All Super-Happy Couples Have In Common

Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

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Share pleasure

Romantic couples with high commitment levels aim for mutual pleasure, not only sexual. There is a conscious effort to avoid hurting each other. In order to constantly give pleasure think about things said and done, if they are hurting the relationship or strengthening it. Make a list of things you know brings pleasure to your partner, and things that can hurt. If you don’t know what makes your partner happy or annoyed you’ll need to start from the beginning.

Create rituals founded in mutual satisfaction, love, and confidence. Rituals are habits that build a solid relationship.

Having a favorite song, place, club, and friends can be delicious if you know how to enjoy the present. Think about the rituals that make your relationship unique, the places you frequent, the kisses rituals, or even how you say goodbye. Calling your partner instead of texting could be a ritual, as can writing romantic or motivational emails. Everyday and every moment is the perfect chance to express your love, not only on St. Valentines and anniversaries!

Create an environment of trust and honesty so communication can thrive

Abusive relationships make you are afraid to express your emotions and opinions. Happy couples have confidence that allows each to share their problems and issues. Creating honesty is about having freedom to speak and to feel, being open to giving and receiving. Confidence comes from communication, and communication comes from confidence, they feed each other.

Some Habits of Happy Couples

Use communication to resolve delicate issues

A technique that any couple can learn is listen and speak. Many couples try to find solutions to their problems without listening or giving each other a chance to speak.

Be together, not distant

Approaching your partner in romantic ways is always positive. A massage, a caress, a gift, a smile, a kiss, a romantic email, or text message are a few ways to approach to your partner. Sometimes just being in the same place at the same time is of benefit, even if its online. Its not only about approaching the other, but being approachable as well, trying consciously not to build walls. Taking coffee together, having lunch, or being in comfortable silence can be easy ways to overcome distance.

They fill their lives with shared objectives and goals.

If both like helping others consider volunteering or doing something for the community. Working out, traveling, or even simple things such as watching the same sitcoms or movies or sharing faith in God will make a great difference. Try to include your partner in your dreams and plans.