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9 Health Complications You Can Cure by Love Making

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9 Health Complications You Can Cure by Love Making

9 Health Complications You Can Cure by Love Making

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The widespread belief that making love cures is after all not too far-fetched. Scientific studies have verified our otherwise base expectations that lovemaking has more benefits than just physical satisfaction. We have listed below nine scientifically proven health benefits of lovemaking.


Making love is exercise and burns calories
Making love involves the muscular movement of our shoulders, legs, arms, thighs, lower abdomen and also pumps up our hearts. Studies have shown that regular lovemaking, especially in different positions and styles, burns about a hundred and fifty calories per session, or about five calories per minute. Although lovemaking is incomparable to a gym session or the treadmill, it still counts for something concerning exercise.

Making Love Reduces Pain
According to recent studies, stimulation of the female reproductive organs and orgasm release a hormone that assists in raising the level of pain tolerance. This new level of pain tolerance helps to ease the pain of arthritis and migraines, plus according to some women, female reproductive organs stimulation reduces the pain of menstrual cramps. While making love, endorphins increase as our hormone oxytocin surge resulting in the decline of pain, which makes lovemaking a natural pain-killer. The reduction of restricting tension in our brain’s blood vessels is also achievable through making love.

Making Love Helps to Reduce Sleeping Disabilities
The deep relaxing sleep we get after making love is not just because of the physical exhaustion of our bodies because of lovemaking.

According to scientists, oxytocin, the stress relieving chemical that also helps us fall asleep, is released from our brains while making love. Oxytocin also increases endorphins and reduce pain in our bodies. For the many of us unable to achieve good and relaxing sleep, love making is the answer. The soothing hormones that flood our bodies after lovemaking sessions also increase our chances of sleeping. Quick and profound sleep after making love, according to Sheenie Ambardar, MD, a psychiatrist in West Hollywood, California, is also due to the releasing of prolactin by our bodies, a hormone responsible for our sleepiness and relaxation feelings, after achieving an orgasm.

Making Love Reduces Stress
According to studies carried out by Yale and Scotland researchers, frequent lovemaking increases the growth of cells in the hippocampus part of our brains, which is responsible for stress regulation. Regular lovemaking also contributes to the lower levels of cortisol, which is a stress hormone, in our bodies. The result of lesser cortisol in your bodies is a more relaxed and calmer you. Lovemaking and closeness improve our overall happiness and self-esteem leading to a happier healthier life.

Lovemaking Improves Prostate Health
Results of a study by the researchers at the National Cancer Institute and the results of a study published in the Journal of the American Association show that the risk of prostate cancer is significantly reduced, by at least a third, through regular orgasms by men, with similar orgasmic benefits achievable through masturbation and nocturnal emission. Ejaculation can eject carcinogens accumulating in the prostate.

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Lovemaking Improves the Bladder Control of Women
We are all aware of the terrible bladder control the ladies have, which keeps them in need of a bathroom every few hours. Studies have shown that when the women contract their muscles while having an orgasm as a result of good lovemaking, their pelvic floors strengthen. Strong pelvic floors assist women to hold in urine and avoid incontinence, which is bound to affect a third of all women during their lives. Good orgasmic lovemaking is an exercise for the pelvic floor muscles.

Making Love Helps to Improve Fertility among Women
Regular lovemaking helps in the regulation of menstrual cycles, making it easier for women to conceive. Orgasms assist with the process of fertilization. According to a published report, better lovemaking will often lead to an increase in the chances of conception. By not treating closeness and making love as a chore, but by trying to make lovemaking better and enjoyable, a woman would significantly increase the chances of conceiving. Hence, better lovemaking leads to an improvement of fertility, especially among women.

Making Love Improves Libido
More lovemaking will not only improve your love life by leading to better lovemaking but will also improve your libido, according to Lauren Streicher, MD. For women, lubrication of the female reproductive organs, elasticity and blood flow all improve due to regular lovemaking and improve the feeling of closeness, making you better at lovemaking and increasing your physical crave.

Improves Immune System
Once or twice a week sessions of lovemaking has been linked to higher levels of an antibody called immunoglobulin, which increase your protection against germs and viruses that cause colds and other infections by up to 30 percent. A health expert, Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D. says that physical active people take fewer sick days compared to counterparts who are not active in bed. In a research by Wilkes University in Pennsylvania, researchers found out that higher levels of immunoglobulin were present in students who made love once or twice a week compared to students who made love less often. Interestingly, students who made love more often, at least, three times a week, were found to have lower levels of immunoglobulin, making it real that too much of the good could be bad. The capability of lovemaking to improve our immune system does not mean we stop or even reduce other activities that boost our immune system.

Since better lovemaking that results in orgasms has the benefits of providing us with good exercise, reducing our pain, reducing our stress, reducing sleeping disability, improving our prostrate health, improving the bladder control in women, improving fertility among women and improving Libido, then good lovemaking is the best.


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