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The Bitter Truth Behind Bottled Drinking Water

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The Bitter Truth Behind Bottled Drinking Water

The Bitter Truth Behind Bottled Drinking Water
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

Many people believe that bottled drinking water is healthier than tap water because of the absence of things like parasites, chlorine, dioxins, and fluoride. There are some areas in the world that do not have safe drinking water. If you live there you should drink bottled water, try purchasing gallons rather than individual bottles. A water filter can save money, the environment, and clean impurities from your water for much less money. Environmentally responsible companies are making glass, cardboard, and other plastic-free containers for food and water.

Here are a few reasons to avoid bottled mineral water:

No value for money
The bottled mineral water that we purchase from the market cost around $1. If we compare the production cost with the revenue, there is no value for money. Bottled water, which manufacturers claim to be higher in essential vitamins and minerals is no different from tap water. A study found that packaged mineral water costs around 1900 times more than tap water.

1- No health benefits
Various water manufacturing companies claim that their bottled water is healthier than other sources of drinking water. This is absolutely incorrect. Various tests conducted around the globe have proved that packaged mineral water has no added health benefits.

2- Plastic hazards
Almost all mineral water producing companies sell their products in plastic bottles regardless of the size of the package. Plastic comes with numerous health hazards. Plastic packaging of water contaminates it and makes it unfit for use. Some of the dangers of drinking water packed in plastic bottles are mentioned below.

• Studies show that drinking water from plastic bottles reduces sperm count and is associated with numerous potency problems.

• Plastic used for packaging of water is made up of toxins called antimony. These toxins have the ability to leach into the water. Small consumption of this toxin may lead to severe dizziness, prolonged consumption may result in severe vomiting and may become fatal in extreme situations.

• Plastic bottles contain chemicals like phthalates and Bisphenol A (BPA) which leach into the water and contaminate it. These chemicals lead to fatigue and dullness. They also disturb the endocrine system which results in hormonal imbalance.

• In a study conducted on the manufacturing of plastic water bottles it was found that a substance called antimony is used in the production of these bottles. Consumption of this substance may cause depression and violent vomiting. If water lies in these plastic bottles for more than three months, the levels of antimony in the water are doubled.

• One study found that bottled drinking water stimulates the growth of breast cancer cells and catalyzes their multiplication.

3- A report released by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) summarizing tests conducted on 10 U.S. bottle brands revealed that water manufactured by them contains harmful cancer-causing byproducts added during the process of chlorination. Bottled water also contains other fertilizer residues like nitrate and ammonia which are harmful to health.

4- Environmental hazards

Manufacturing of bottled drinking water harms the environment. Production of water bottles results in the release of various harmful gases in the environment which creates pollution and leads to many airborne diseases.

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