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5 Things Your Skin Needs Everyday

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5 Things Your Skin Needs Everyday

5 Things Your Skin Needs Everyday
By PositiveMed-Team
Edited By: Stephanie Dawson

Drinking Water

Water is an essential part of life and a basic requirement for skin. Skin is composed of water, vitamins, proteins, lipids, and minerals. Water helps cleanse the skin and keep it plump, smooth, and fresh while eliminating toxins from your body, it also allows cells to absorb vital nutrients making sure that your digestive system works properly. It removes impurities and helps you stay pimple and acne free. Drink 10-12 glasses of water daily to meet your body’s requirements. By drinking plenty of water you can avoid many skin problems and look beautiful.


Cleansing is necessary to keep your skin dirt-free and smooth, it removes impurities and dirt from your skin to keep it oil-free. It also helps remove dead skin cells. Use a cleanser that suits your skin type and is soap-free and gentle. It relaxes the skin muscles and increases circulation which makes your skin look healthy and pretty. It also readies your skin for make-up. Those with oily skin should use an acidic cleanser, for dry skin use a creamier one. If your skin is sensitive use an alcohol-free cleanser.

5 Things Your Skin Needs Everyday


Fruits, vegetables, fish, and oils are rich in antioxidants which fight diseases like cancer and cardiovascular problems by destroying the molecules that cause damage to healthy cells making your skin healthy and clear. The most important are vitamins C and E. Vitamin E helps protect cell membranes while C builds collagen for plump skin. Whole grains, apples, and citrus fruits contain vitamin C, wheat germ oil, almonds. and peanut butter contain vitamin E.

Proper Diet

“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body with a healthy skin.” You need a balanced diet in order to possess beautiful and healthy skin. Fatty acids are required to keep your body hydrated and absorb nutrients. Walnuts, fish, and kidney beans are rich in fatty acids. A healthy diet is the easiest way to keep your skin healthy without extra effort.

Regular Exercise and Relaxation

Exercise plays a vital role in de-stressing. Regular yoga and exercise help you stay fit and healthy by improving circulation which makes your skin shine and glow. When you sweat it rids your body of impurities which makes your skin clean and clear. Relaxing your body and skin is also important for radiant skin. Resting your body rejuvenates and revitalizes you. Inadequate sleep causes stress and dark circles under the eyes.

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