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Natural Treatment of Bruises

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Natural Treatment of Bruises

Why does it happen?

Bruising happens when there is damage under the skin due to bumping a fall or an injury. The blood from the injured blood vessels is released and it spreads under the skin that causes the blood to get trapped and this is what forms the redness in the area.

There are 6 levels of bruising
Level 1 light bruise: no damage
Level 2 mild bruise: little damage
Level 3 moderate bruise: some damage
Level 4 serious bruise: dangerous
Level 5 extremely serious bruise: very dangerous
Level 6 critical bruise: risk of death

Light-moderate bruising:

– It has a reddish color when it first shows up

– 1-2 days it gets a blue color

– 5-10 days yellow/green

– 14 days light brown and fades away.

Bruise Natural Treatments and Causes


It reduces the swelling and inflammation and it reduces blood in the area too. While icing the bruise, elevate your arm, leg or the bruised area to prevent the blood from storing in one area.

Apply ice several times for a couple of days and it will help reduce the swelling a lot, also it speeds up the healing process.

Over the counter pain killers:

This is a good remedy if you feel any pain or discomfort. Acetaminophen will reduce the inflammation and pain.

Vitamin C:
This vitamin’s deficiency leads to your skin bruising a lot or more easily.


Bilberry extract:

It strengths the blood vessel making it heal faster, it also tightens and exfoliates the skin.

Foods that aid bruising:

The following foods contain anti-inflammatory properties and help the bruise reduce its swelling: Onions, cabbage, raw potatoes.

Foods that help blood circulation:

A combination of vinegar and warm water increase the blood flow in the area making it heal faster.


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