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5 Anti-Aging Supplements That Really Work

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5 Anti-Aging Supplements That Really Work

Every day we are getting older, all of us. Age means wisdom and experience, so be proud of each one of your wrinkles, but, we can always stay looking young and vibrant with help from nature.

No one stays young forever, but some nutritional supplements promise to add some time to your life, these supplements are an important part of life extension because an anti-aging diet might not be enough sometimes, since there are foods that do not contain all of the micronutrients that your body needs and the fact that most of the nutrients are lost during the cooking process, natural supplements work with a longevity diet to reverse aging and rejuvenation. Remember you are growing older, not getting old!

1. Coenzyme Q-10
Our bodies naturally make CoQ10, which is also known as ubiquinone, a nutrient necessary for basic cell function. It enters the mitochondria, where it helps transform fats and sugars into energy. As we age, CoQ10 levels naturally decline. It acts as a protective antioxidant in mitochondrial membranes and may prevent cognitive decline. You can find a variety of them on Amazon. Make sure to purchase the ones that have high absorption rate, such as Dr’s Best (60 capsules for $15.59) or Qunol Ultra CoQ10 (120 soft gels for $28.49)

2. Omega 3-fatty acids
Fish oil is very popular due to its high concentration of omega 3 fatty acids and its other benefits as an anti-aging system, fish oil is very good for keeping skin more supple, youthful and radiant, as well as a great way to naturally treat arthritis and forms of inflammation within the body.

5 Anti-Aging Supplements That Really Work

3. Resveratrol

Also known as the red wine chemical, resveratrol is a polyphenol found in the skin of grapes and berries, maybe that’s why people who drink wine have fewer health problems from eating fatty foods.
Resveratrol raises insulin sensitivity, decreases glucose levels and improves cardiac health, which suggests it may help prevent type 2 diabetes, heart disease and cancer. You can purchase a 3-month supply of the highest ranking supplement on Amazon for around $35.

4. Melatonin

It is naturally produced by the pineal gland in the brain and has a huge number of benefits in its favor. Melatonin is an anti aging hormone, very much like DHEA and HGH, or human growth hormone.

5. Blueberry Extract

Blueberries have proven to be incredibly healthy and may help avoid behavioral problems associated with Alzheimer’s disease by improving memory.

Exactly what makes blueberries good for you isn’t clear. Research suggests it’s their healthful anthocyanins, pigments that give berries – and other blue and red plants – their lovely color.

Life Extension Blueberry extract capsules are highest ranking on Amazon and you can purchase 60 count capsules for $17 (%25 off).

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