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10 Ways to be an Early Riser

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10 Ways to be an Early Riser

That moment when your alarm goes on… (ahh Im so warm and cozy in bed: might as well snooze? snooze, snooze, 5 more minutes. Uh oh! ok Im late now! do you know that feeling? Then this is A MUST read!

Other than loosing those last 10 pounds, becoming an early riser is one of the hardest things to accomplish, yeah dragging yourself out of bed cause you have to go to work doesn’t count.

I’ve met a lot of people who are used to waking up at 5a.m everyday! Go to the gym have a full nutritious breakfast and then go to work, by 6.30 a.m they’ve done more than what some of us have done in a full day. Old me used to think how could they do it? If I barely have time to eat breakfast, sometimes I even skip it and ..oh gosh if only I wouldn’t have pushed the snooze button once again I would’ve had time to wash my hair.

After doing some research on how to become an early riser, I can say its easy just following these 10 steps!

1.Go to bed earlier:
Try and turn the TV off, read your last chapter or check Facebook for a last time at least 8 hours before the time you want to wake up, if you continue this habit, you wont sleep late and then will be able to wake up15-30 minutes earlier than usual.

2.Have a good reason to get up:

Exercise, read, take a nice walk with your dog, share a nice breakfast with your family, start a morning project.

3.Reduce your caffeine intake:

It is recommended to have only one or two cups of coffee every morning. Having more caffeine will contribute to those late nights.


10 Ways to be an Early Riser


Stretching gives your body a boost of energy, it looses up your body and helps you feel more relaxed, stretching with a good breathing routine will clear your mind and make you feel amazing!

5.Just Breathe:

Breathing deep, start the day feeling thankful for what you have, your family, your work that beautiful house and the beautiful things in life, block those concerns of having a full agenda, that’s not what you want first thing in the morning it is going to cause immediate negativity leading to stress, Take a few moments to close your eyes and breathe deeply,

6.Drink Water:

If we are dehydrated we are going to feel more tired and weak, there are a lot of benefits about drinking water first thing in the morning since hydrating on an empty stomach cleanses the colon which basically means that you are flushing your waste out of your system, also water gives your body an energy boost, wait more good news, by drinking a glass of cold water your metabolism speeds up.


This is the best solution for controlling your sleeping routine, if you have a good workout, preferably in the morning, at the end of the day, after doing everything in your agenda, your body will naturally feel tired and you will fall asleep faster, this happens cause your body is mentally and physically tired, other as if you didn’t work out, you’d just be mentally exhausted by a long day you had. One of the ways that your body naturally wakes you up is by increasing levels of hormones like adrenaline, which causes your heart to beat faster, this happens when you exercise.

8.Wakey Wakey eggs and Bakey:

Eat breakfast! The night before think ahead a healthy, nutritious idea for breakfast this helps you save sometime, also if time is the reason why you are skipping it think of faster breakfast options like a smoothie. Eating breakfast will start your day off full of energy and happiness, since eating breakfast improves concentration and performance.

9.Take an early shower:

That feeling of fresh and clean we get after taking a
shower, will definitely wake you up, also it will help start up your nervous
system and invigorate your mind and body.

10. Wake up to happy or mellow music:

Soothing sounds are better in the morning, it is better to wake up with a smile other than a scary annoying beeping sound, happy and mellow music helps with the stimulation of your brain and wakes you up in a good positive mood.

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